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DGT launch an app that allows you to carry your driving license on your mobile

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Our mobile phone has become an essential device, with which we can do more and more things. We can also use it as a way to identify ourselves. This is something that the DGT is currently working on. There are plans to launch an app, which would reach Android and iOS, which will allow to carry the driving license on the phone.

It is an sPollution that promises to be comfortable and simple For many users. So that we can have the driving license always available in a mobile application. Since it is easier for us to carry the phone with us and thus be able to identify ourselves at all times.

The DGT itself is the one that confirms it. It has been in his monthly magazine "Traffic and road safety", in the July issue, which you can read in this link. It says that they work on a new application for phones. The application will have miDGT as the official name, which will allow any citizen will be able to access your data and have access to visos and news of interest. They may also do the main procedures with the DGT in this case. Many functions available in it, which could expedite many procedures that we have to do.

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In addition, it is confirmed in the same that the user is going to be able to take your driving license and the documentation of the car in digital format and with full validity on the mobile. A news that many looked forward to. This may at some time replace the ID or the physical card, since it is a fully valid document that allows you to identify yourself at all times and situations.

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We cannot forget that the driving license is an official document, which we can use as identification. Whether it's time to shop, travel, or vote, we can use it as a way to prove that we are ourselves. So we could have in this case an official and legal identification on our mobile, available at all times, thanks to this application that the DGT has plans to launch.

For now we have no dates for the launch of it. It is expected that it will be launched within a few months, although the DGT has only confirmed that they are currently in development. So it seems that we will have to wait a little longer until it launches for users. The DGT has said that it can be downloaded to the mobile, so it is assumed that we can download it on both Android and iOS. Although we will have to wait for news from the company.

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This application that the DGT confirms is a surprise to many. Although we must remember that a few months ago it was confirmed that Google I wanted to support the documents in digital form. So that it would fulfill the same purpose, to be able to have documents in our mobile, such as the ID or passport, so that we can show them simply using the phone. An option that many see as comfortable, although it generated doubts, given the always doubtful treatment of the private data of the firm. There are currently several applications available for this on Android, but in many cases they are only valid in the United States.