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Darken your Honor or Huawei with this free app

Trends have brought us foldable smartphones, compatibility with 5G networks, larger screens and even huge devices with ridiculous capacity batteries s, your Energizer but it is also in the software section where a great feature has become quite popular in some applications, the dark mode.

This function is already very visible even in desktop applications, but it is a reality that not all applications allow, at least for now. This mode has proven to be of great help for those users who use a large part of our smartphone because it gives a break to the screens saving a significant percentage of the battery consumption.

While Google is already working on incorporating this mode for its next version of Android Q the Huawei and Honor terminals that have a version of EMUI 5 or higher can use the G-Pix application to emulate the dark mode as a theme that redesigns the interface.

At the same time we have that the application is not quite perfect since in EMUI versions 8.2 and 9 some system icons will resist changing, but come on, this may be fixed in future updates. Without more, I leave you here the application link totally free for you to start saving battery in your Honor or Huawei.

Do not forget to tell us in the comments box your experience with this function, we are reading.

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