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Crazy Defense Heroes is a tower defense with a lot of content

Crazy Defense Heroes comes straight to fight with Kingdom Rush Vengeance, but it stays far from the game of Ironhide Studios in many facets, and that has the same drawing style for the characters, environment and special effects.

By this we do not mean that it is a bad game, but that Kingdom Rush is a title that wastes quality on all sides, so he has set the bar quite high. Of course, the one who touches us today in some aspects defends himself quite well and is able to generate a great gaming experience for those who like this genre of games.

A tower defense with many heroes

In fact, the title of Ironhide is based lately on a good variety of heroes to try to progress properly. The only thing that happens is that this amount of heroes is cut when many are paid. In Crazy Defense Heroes we also have a good string of them, so we are in them.

Tower defense

Practically the gameplay is quite similar, although it has its differences. In Crazy Defense Heroes we have to create those defense towers with the caveat that we don't have those that allow us to leave a series of soldiers that will entertain the enemy. Rather, the gameplay is reduced to building the towers and improving them in order to defeat all those bugs that will leave the road to try to reach the destination.

As with the way to deploy the towers that we have available. Instead of clicking on the location as with the rest of tower defense, in Crazy Defense Heroes up to drag the tower from the bottom bar to the place where you can place it. In fact there are already a series of points spread across the map where you can place them.

Crazy Defense Heroes is characterized by its content

More or less this is the gameplay that we will find and that we know well about tower defense. Crazy Defense Heroes can be defended by the great extent in content it has. We talked about more than 90 cards to collect, more than 500 levels and more than 20 heroes.

Defense heroes

So you can imagine that you have game for a while whenever don't miss any of the tower defense better known and return to them to finish their levels with three stars. Crazy Defense Heroes offers a lot of content for your enjoyment and, although we are facing a pure freemium, that we will not be able to ignore, it is left to play thanks to the variety of enemies, although none that really surprises us, because we talk about skeletons, orcs, etc. … already known.

There is also a lack of special skills that they transform this time into a dragon It is capable of throwing blocks of ice. The same goes for our avatar that we can customize and thus strengthen some of its statistics such as movement speed and health regeneration.

A tower defense to play it

Virtually Crazy Defense Heroes is a game for fans of this genre. For them it has been published and they will be the ones who will play it. One of the handicaps is the excessive consumption of energy that some players are finding, so we hope that they can soon correct it with some update.


Technically it is a game well worked, although it is far from being one of those of real madness. We highlight its color and the visual effects of some characters. There is nothing that really catches our attention, although we cannot ignore that the characters are well designed and have their point.