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Craig Federighi explains why there are no programmable messages in iMessage and the arrival of lyrics in songs with iOS 13.1

From time to time Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software at Apple, answers random emails from brand users answering their questions. It is something of course unusual, although it helps us to know better some details of the company and its products and services. In the last two emails you have sent resolves doubts about Messages and Apple Music.

In an email sent to a Reddit user, Craig has clarified that the Apple Music song lyrics viewer arrive with iOS 13.1 to iPhone users. This feature allows us to see the lyrics of a song directly and synchronously with what is playing. It is of course one of the best interfaces that have been made in recent years in terms of utility and aesthetics.

The Apple manager explains that initially they were worried about the amount of resources that this functionality could consume. As a result, the iPhone battery was drained too quickly. But it seems that they have discovered a way to implement the feature and do not overload the CPU so much. That's why I get to the iPhone with iOS 13.1

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Why there are no programmable messages in iMessage

It may seem absurd functionality, that is because in Spain and other Latin American countries is not so used iMessage. On the other hand, in countries like the United States it becomes an essential communication platform, which is why some users are demanding new functions from Apple from iMessage. One of them is the possibility of schedule messages to be sent later.


Why hasn't Apple done it? Craig Federighi explains that they have considered (and who still consider it). The problem is that there are more things to consider. The Apple executive numbers: how to represent that a message has not been sent yet, how to delete or edit pending messages and how to organize them in the conversation history. To this is added the communication problems when suddenly it becomes a more asynchronous conversation than before.

Therefore, we may not see the possibility of programming messages in iMessage for a while. But nevertheless, we will have the display of song lyrics with iOS 13.1, which should arrive later this year. Recall that iOS 13 must arrive first, which will do so sometime this September. During today's special event we will have the final date.

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