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Awarded the Huawei P30 Pro by the European Image and Sound Association thanks to its camera

Upon arrival on the market this Huawei device has managed to place itself in the highest ranges of the mobile phone with features worthy of a high-end device. This is why the EISA again – European Image and Sound Association – has decided that this terminal is without a doubt for them the best of 2019-2020.

Aspects such as quality, processor performance and design have been taken into account to grant the title – which is repeated once more after the P20 Pro – But above all the subject of photography is what has most caught the attention of the EISA.

Thanks to its cudruple camera system, Huawei has made another impressive advancement in mobile photography. The photographs in low light conditions are the best that can be produced with a smartphone, while its ultra wide angle lens, portrait mode and 5x periscope telephoto outperforms the competition.

Today there are plenty of photo lovers and of course this terminal is aimed at that public of designers, photographers and image professionals who surely will not be disappointed with the results. Huawei has focused a lot on bringing the best lenses in an alliance that is indispensable for them with Leica.

Who will say that brand that many did not even know before will reap this kind of success. What brand do you think could have a similar boom in a few years? I read you in the comment box, it will be interesting to know your opinions.

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