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Apple TV Games and Apps

Apple TV Games and Apps -Second week of November and you should already be preparing everything for the «raw winter». Movies, music and why not all the applications and games necessary for the fourth generation of Apple TV.

As always we remind you that our list reviews the TOP 10 of Games and Apps inApple TV , divided by FREE and PAYMENT, so you have no problem when looking for what you need. In addition to our TWO weekly recommendations with what we liked most of all the TOP 10.

«Alliance: Air War«

If you are a lover of flight simulators, this will undoubtedly make you have a good time thanks to its incredible graphics and playability, where you can put at the controls of all types of aircraft, from the famous F16, F18, Eurofighter, F22 or the classics Hellcat, Corsair or Mustang.

«F1 2016«

F1 simulators there are many, but with the graphic quality of F1 2016 for Apple TV very few. Get into the best and fastest cars of the moment to tour the most famous circuits in the world at speeds of vertigo!

Apple TV Games and Apps – Most downloaded apps

Top 10 Payment Apps

  1. VidLib Your video on demand library (Monitus Apps)
  2. F1 2016 (The Codemasters Software)
  3. Deluxe TV (Nader Tahanpesarandezfuly)
  4. EasyCloud for WD My Cloud – Your Media at Its Best (Muhammad Siddiqui)
  5. iPlayTV (Andre Silva)
  6. Tv-Box (Ahmet Kiremitci)
  7. Alien Attack TV (Creating-Your-App)
  8. High Adventure (Snowman)
  9. Beat Sports (Harmonix Games)
  10. Broken Sword 5 – The Curse of the Snake (Revolution)

Top 10 Free Apps

  1. Netflix (Netflix)
  2. RTVE on demand (RTVE Corporation)
  3. Sonic CD (Sega)
  4. YouTube (Google)
  5. Vevo Watch Music Videos (Vevo)
  6. The Official App League (Professional Football League)
  7. Strike! Ten Pin Bowling (Touch Mechanics)
  8. CNN (CNN Interactive Group)
  9. TV Kitchen Channel (Multichannel Iberia)
  10. RTVE Clan (RTVE Corporation)

Apple TV Games and Apps – Most downloaded games

Top 10 Payment Games

  1. F1 2016 (The Codemasters Software)
  2. Alien Attack TV (Creating-Your-App)
  3. High Adventure (Snowman)
  4. Beat Sports (Harmonix Games)
  5. Broken Sword 5 – The Curse of the Snake (Revolution)
  6. Heroki (Sega)
  7. Pako Car Chase Simulator (Tree Men Games)
  8. Xenowerk TV (Pixelbite)
  9. AG Drive (Zorg)
  10. AZZL (Jutiful)

Top 10 Free Games

  1. Sonic CD (Sega)
  2. Strike! Ten Pin Bowling (Touch Mechanics)
  3. Alliance: Air War – Avin Flight Simulator (Art of the State)
  4. Real Racing 3 (Electronic Arts)
  5. Hit Tennis 3 – Real sports action (Focused Apps)
  6. Horizon Chase – World Tour (Aquiris Game Studio)
  7. Corridor Z – Inverted Zombie Runner (Mass Creation)
  8. Faily Brakes (Spunge Games)
  9. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Gameloft)
  10. Jetpack Joyride (Halfbrick Studios)

Once again we hope you enjoy one of the most complete listings of applications and games for Apple TV, which is gradually becoming an authentic entertainment center full of movies, music, games and applications.

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