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Apple has big plans for Siri and the development of I.A. advanced

siri recognizes apple voice

As the competition between intelligent assistants continues, trying to offer more skills and utilities, it seems that Apple is focusing its efforts on transforming Siri into a multicultural and multilinge assistant with advanced artificial intelligence, and that it becomes the Best alternative not only for followers of your brand but for users in general.

The company announced that it plans to hire 2,000 more employees for its new campus in Seattle, and a significant number of those jobs seem to be focused on improving Siri and developing more advanced artificial intelligence.

While Apple already has about 500 workers in the area, this marks a major expansion in Seattle (the hometown of Amazon) and is a sign that Apple plans to invest significantly in its future offers of artificial intelligence. According to Apple's job page, openings on the new campus include positions for machine learning research scientists, senior software engineers dedicated to Siri, and natural language processing experts.

"Your work will move forward and shape the vision of the future of our multicultural and multilingual assistant Siri, and the search applications used by millions around the world," says a job announcement.

The 630,000-square-foot campus will be located just one block from Amazon headquarters. Both companies are struggling to dominate the space of virtual assistants. Amazon's Alexa is a direct competitor of Apple's Siri, but while Amazon continues to dominate the smart speaker market, Siri can live on an iPhone in your pocket.

Seattle is rapidly becoming a kind of headquarters for the development of artificially intelligent voice assistants. Google, which has its own Google Assistant, plans to open a campus all this year. Google Assistant is gaining more and more ground for its usefulness, and for being able to be present in both Google Home speakers and smart home devices and phones. Right next to the future Google campus is Redmond, the home of Microsoft, which has its assistant Cortana.

"These new jobs confirm what we already know: we have the best talent and the best city in the world," said Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. "Apple's expanded presence in Seattle is another example of the growing opportunity for Seattle residents, and the economic power that our city has become."

Everything seems to indicate that the mission of the new Apple employees in Seattle is to discover new ways to improve their voice assistant, and to make sure that Siri works correctly and in several languages. It is not an easy task, but it certainly seems that Apple plans to invest what is necessary to convince you to choose Siri over Alexa or Google Assistant.

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