Apple buys Drive AI to develop self-driving technology

Apple buys Drive AI to develop self-driving technology

apple buy drive aiAs the autonomous vehicles continue to make their way, Apple took a strong step by buying a startup company called Drive A.I. which specializes in the development of the necessary technology to boost self-driving. The acquisition represents the last turn in the path of the technology giant towards the launch of autonomous technology.

An Apple representative confirmed the purchase, although the company declined to disclose how much payment for Drive A.I. However, San Francisco Chronicle discovered that Drive A.I. He had notified California regulators that he planned to close at the end of June 2019 and lay off about 90 employees. That means Apple saved a company that had only a few days to live, a deal that could have been too good to pass up.

Like dozens of similar companies launched in the decade of 2010, Drive A.I. It was founded to develop the hardware and software necessary to achieve the autonomy of vehicles. Test your prototypes based on the Nissan NV200 in public areas without major incidents, and operate two pilot transportation programs in Texas. At the end of 2018, the company planned a rapid expansion to other cities, but the scope of its pilot programs did not grow, leading to serious financial problems despite raising $ 77 million in its last round of financing.

Apple's self-driving plans have always been secret and enigmatic, and the company has not given more details about the purchase of Drive A.I. However, we hope that operations will quickly be incorporated into the Titan Project, the name of its autonomous vehicle research project. The odds of seeing a car with the Apple brand sold along with an iPhone are quite low, but the company is spending a tremendous amount of money on the development of autonomous technology, which is likely to finally be granted to car manufacturers. .

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