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Android Q has a new gesture to open Google Assistant in its beta

Android Beta Q

The gestures are gaining presence in the universe of Google's operating operating system. This is something that we can also see in the new Android Q beta. Over the weeks, new functions are discovered in the operating system, such as the greater presence of facial recognition. Now it is the turn of an important gesture.

In the new beta of Android Q we have seen a new gesture, with which it will be possible to open Google Assistant. So we can open the wizard in a new way, which adds to the current list of options available on the phones.

It is a rather hidden gesture, which Android Q does not tell us at any time that we can use. In this case, it's about sliding diagonally. So when we slide your finger from any of the two lower corners of the phone, drawing a diagonal to the center of the screen, Google Assistant will open.

Android Q

A new gesture, which was totally unknown so far, but that works in this new beta. So it is a new way in which you can run the wizard. Until now it was possible by pressing and holding the Home button on the phone, then it opened on the screen.

If this gesture is already in the Android Q beta, we can assume that will be officially launched for all users When the operating system is official. Google has not mentioned anything so far about this new gesture. But users in the beta can use it now.

Without a doubt, an interesting bet on the part of the operating system. Little by little we see how gestures gain presence, something that will also be maintained with Android Q in this case. Do you have access to the new beta? Have you tried this new gesture to open Google Assistant?

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