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Android games to enjoy your holidays without Internet

We collect the offline games that I usually recommend to my friends and acquaintances so that you can spend a summer resting and playing something entertaining.

I consider myself passionate about video games and that is why I have several platforms where I play almost daily. I am not going to recommend PC games because it is not about what The Free Android is about. I will recommend titles to play this summer to disconnect from work.

These are games that I have played myself and that I am always recommending. Funny titles and most importantly, do not require internet connection to enjoy them. Not very complex titles to play, except for the last addition, which will allow you to have fun for a while while you are at the beach, swimming pool or resting on the sofa in your house.

Alto?s Adventure, never throwing yourself on a mountain was so relaxing

We started with the Noodlecake Studios game, the first one that catapulted him to fame and that we are still waiting for his second Android game in the absence of looking suspiciously at iOS users who already enjoy it. In Alto?s Adventure you are a young man who glides through a mountain at full speed and you will have to dodge obstacles, 'grind' over structures and you can even wear a suit that allows you to fly and chain more tricks (or dodge certain stones that is what I just used it for I).

The game has a very simple mechanics. You just have to enjoy the scenery, watch for obstacles and jump by tapping on the screen. A simple mechanic that makes enjoying the environment easier, while having a certain degree of complexity that helps you enjoy stringing somersaults with impressive jumps.

Monument Valley 1 and 2 and Florence, a story that catches

What to say about Monument Valley. If you are a romantic of good stories, Monument Valley, both the first and the second is a perfect recommendation. A title where in the first you will embody Ida, a young princess who seeks help and in the second to Ro who will show you the path of motherhood and the concerns for your daughter that are to be had.

Puzzles in the form of scenarios that play with perspective, objects to move so that you can pass although from another point of view it seems that it does not and take both the princess and Ro and her daughter to the points that allow you to complete the phase.


I had to add this title yes or yes when talking about the stories and it is that Florence caught my heart and did not let go until I finished the game. It is developed by one of the developers of Monument Valley and tells you, in a very special way, falling in love, love as a couple and falling in love with a relationship between Yeoh and Krish. More than recommended this title for those looking for a deep history and not too long.

Downwell, with gunshots and downhill

If you are not as calm as in Alto?s Adventure or Monument Valley, fall through a pit at full speed between explosions while shooting enemies with your shoes. Neither more nor less than this description is that I recommend it. In Downwell, a title developed by the famous Digital Return, you will embody a character that will fall through a well and that, with the help of their boots-guns, you will have to defeat enemies, improve your team and score the best score you can.

It is a frantic game, which increases your pulsations and requires your full attention so that not even the least of a life is subtracted. In addition, the aesthetics based on three colors (black, white and red) do not be distracted by other things while you are busting enemies with your guns.

Prison Run and Gun, escape from a prison with a pixel aesthetic

Title of 2D platforms where you are a fugitive who pretends to escape from a prison. You can imagine it by name. But the reason I recommend this game is because it is really fun and with a certain degree of complexity to pass each phase. You have to activate doors, kill certain enemies and thus move forward between each stage in order to get out of jail once and for all.

Reigns: Make decisions that can end your reign

The Reigns game

We end up with another title of Return Digital and in this case it is Reigns, both the first version where you are a king and the second version where you embody a queen (Her majesty). A game with a very simple mechanics but whose decisions can end your life few decisions later. To me, both the music and the twists of history have been occasions that have made my hair stand on end.

The mechanics of this game are so simple that it makes it easy to get hooked. You have a series of cards with decisions that you have to make by sliding to one side or the other. You will have to be careful of not dislike the church, the army or the people too much. Every decision you make can have an impact on each of the three parts and that is why you will have to keep the balance balanced if you want to have a long reign. I think my greatest reign was about 40 years in fact ..