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And yes, Nintendo enters the world of VR

Virtual Reality in videogames is a technology that already abounds a lot in the industry and although it has not developed as we would like little by little better are emerging or other companies get on the train to present their solutions and experiences. Nintendo had already given us some clues although not officially that I was preparing something focused on VR and well now it is official.

It will be on April 12 when it is released the VR Kit from the hand of Nintendo Labo, yes, the cardboard project that allows players to interact more physically with their Nintendo Switch. Specifically, there will be the possibility of having a complete kit that will have 5 virtual reality experiences such as:

  • Camera
  • Disintegrator
  • Bird
  • Elephant
  • Space Viewer

For sure, it is not known how to be the game in which all these experiences will be used since Nintendo has not let us see it yet. At first sight it is somewhat obvious that this game is highly aimed at the smallest users of the console. Even the viewfinder looks a bit similar to what was the Google CardBoard.

A complete kit will be on sale with the 5 experiences included, but there will also be the possibility of acquiring only one along with the game and buying the remaining ones separately. At the moment it does not seem surprising to us since it is only compatible with this game, but we must wait for Nintendo to say something about what it prepares for the future of its Virtual Reality system and if it will take it to another level.

What do you think of this? See you in the comment box.

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