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Amazon launch wireless headphones to compete with AirPods

Amazon headphones with alexa logoApple AirPods and Siri functionality have a new rival. Amazon is working on wireless headphones with integrated Alexa support.

According to Bloomberg people with internal knowledge of the plans, the e-commerce giant is working on completely wireless headphones that will have Alexa as their main star, which will be released the second half of this year. Informants say that the headphones – whose name has not yet been released – will look and act similarly to the AirPods, but that Amazon is striving to further improve the audio quality.

Amazon headphones do not supposedly wear a hook to fit around the ear, as is the case of the recently launched Powerbeats Pro, but will follow the design of the AirPods, that is, they will be designed to sit inside the ears of the users

But if the design is similar, why does Amazon bet that people will choose their option? The big difference is the integrated support for Alexa, the company's smart assistant, which far exceeds Siri in functions. In addition, as mentioned, audio quality is expected to be an important differentiator compared to the competition.

The complete integration of Alexa means that these headphones will allow you to use your voice to order Amazon products, in addition to asking questions, accessing your music, or finding any type of information simply by saying “Alexa”, in the same way that you will do it with an Echo horn or other compatible device. Only, in this case, you can do it wherever you are and you will not be limited by a plug or connection cable.

As for Apple, the new AirPods represented a modest update, and should please fans of the brand that have not previously had completely wireless headphones, or those whose previous AirPods are losing their brightness or battery life. Special features, such as access to Siri without button and wireless charging were welcome improvements. However, if Amazon's new proposal is as good as it seems, Apple has a lot of work ahead if it wants to stay ahead in this increasingly competitive field.

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