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All about Google Go, the lightest version of the Google app

google go android phonesGoogle has taken the Google Go application to its Google Play Store, giving more Android users the opportunity to take advantage of its features and better manage their data. The application offers a lighter and faster search form, with optimized results to save up to 40% of data.

Google Go is a smaller version of the standard Google application, and was originally launched in 2017 on the Android Go operating system. This system is intended for low-cost devices, which generally come with more modest hardware and low mobile data supply.

The application weighs only 7 MB and uses much less RAM than the original Google application, which means that it is perfect for any device with a smaller amount of internal storage, or for those who like to have greater control of use of the memory and the capacity of their phones.

It is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of mobile data. Google Go uses Google’s Web Light project to deliver complete and optimized search results, which means you will use less data when searching through this platform.

In addition, it is ideal for people with an unstable connection or who are in areas where the service is not optimal. If you lose your connection abruptly, Google Go will remember your last query and wait until your data service resumes to complete the search. Then inform you when the results are available.

Other features of Google Go

Of course, the fact that this application uses fewer resources means that it has fewer functions than the standard Google application for Android offers. However, Google Go is not a completely simplified version, since you will still have access to a variety of useful features, being one of the most interesting Google Lens, which, among other things, helps you translate languages ​​in real time, as well as Identify and learn more about objects around you.

It also has a function driven by artificial intelligence called Karaoke. Contrary to what its name might indicate, this function will not encourage you to sing, but read aloud the web pages you choose, either because you don't have time to read them yourself or if you prefer to simply listen to what they contain.

Google Go is now available in the Google Play Store for all Android devices that have Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher. Most likely, if you have purchased an Android phone in the last two years, you can use this application.

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