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Add the "At a Glance" widget of the Google Pixel

Googlecontinues incorporating functionalities to the rest of the Android terminals that were previously exclusive to its line of Pixel smartphones, as it was at the timeGoogle Assistant, and which later ended up arriving at non-Google terminals during the year, although that is first in English and then in more languages.

One of the attractions of the Pixel when Android Oreo arrived was perhaps its new application launcher, and which incorporates a widget that gives a certain personality to smartphones, a widget that was only available only in Pixel Launcher itself. However, this widget is from the Google application but for some reason it was only available in the Pixel launcher, and which at the moment has not been implemented by the well-known Nova Launcher.

Well, finally this peculiar widget is already available to add to our desktop as long as you have the most recent version of the Google application in its stable version and also in its beta, so you can add it in any launcher you use to give it a more Pixel style appearance to your terminal.

What do you think of this widget? Leave us your comments

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