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YouTube for Android allow streaming live videos


The live broadcast of video games has become an important source of income for the big ones. Amazon bought Twitch in 2015, improving the offer that YouTube had initially made, the most important video game video platform in the market. This forced the search giant to create YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming, is practically the same as Twitch. There is also Mixer, Microsoft's video game video platform, a platform that recently signed Ninja to boost it. YouTube withdrew the YouTube Gaming application at the beginning of the year to broadcast live from the smartphone, a movement that caught the attention as it seemed that YouTube was throwing in the towel.

But nothing is further from reality, since apparently, unlike Facebook, which separates each and every one of the services offered in different applications (Facebook, Facebook Messenger), YouTube wants the Android application to do practically everything. In the next update of the application, the search giant will allow our games to be transmitted directly through our device.

YouTube version 14.31.50 will allow you to perform this action, a movement that will undoubtedly allow the most used video platform worldwide, further enhance the number of channels offered to all video game lovers who want to enjoy good games or learn from people who really know how to play.

No doubt the content creators will appreciate the new feature added by the application, since initially the ability to stream game games through YouTube live is limited to users who already perform this action through the platform, so for now, users who do not engage in this, we will have to wait until the search giant expands the range of users that can transmit through the application.

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