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You can't play Fortnite for Android with bluetooth controller

Next to the Galaxy Note 9, one of the biggest surprises of the day is the Fortnite announcement for Android. It is one of the most popular games of the year, reaching millions of users.

Fortite was already on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS, and now it's Android's turn. And many players have a doubt that can not be missed. Can I play as I want?

Fortnite for Android does not work with Bluetooth controls

We have been playing Fortnite for Andorid for a couple of hours, however we have encountered a small problem. By linking our Bluetooth controller we have realized that it does nothing, as if the game does not support it.

None of controls.

Indeed, after investigating the Epic forums a bit we have noticed that since its launch on iOS, Epic has not yet added support for controls in the mobile version of Fortnite. The Android and iOS version share the same rules, so by extension, we can not play with controls on Android.

Beware of the controls that claim to work with Fortnite, it is false.

The same happens when you connect a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth, The gaming experience of the mobile version at the end only works using the touch screen.

What options we have?

The options we have today are resigning ourselves to playing on a touch screen while we wait for Epic to pronounce and add official support to controls.

The controls that allow mapping are not worth it, at the moment.

There are controls that are capable of mapping the touch control, but most of these applications require root, something that can have an effect on deleting our account.

As a legal alternative, we can opt for suction cup triggers, which are attached to our touch screen and function as if they were a physical button, getting an experience as similar to a command as possible.

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