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Work with the Windows registry in a more efficient and simple way

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<p>Any user with average technical knowledge and of course all IT technicians and system administrators <strong>We are obliged to use the query or edit the registry keys in the Windows operating system to perform some action</strong>, review some problem or try to understand what is happening.</p><div class=

Historically, Microsoft has always had an application for the management of the registry called Regedit, a tool that has evolved rather little in recent years and that we miss more than one function, something that looks more like the classic file explorer where we can perform more actions than we can now, so in view of this situation, we will resort to the third-party software market.

And that is why today we will meet RegCool, a free software, valid for Windows 10, portable and that we will therefore run without installation and with which we will be able to manage the registry in a simpler and more comfortable way, having a multitude of options that will help us in this task.

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<p>As we can see in the screenshot, the application <strong>offers very interesting functions quickly, for example, copy, cut and paste keys, undo changes, compare values, find and replace, etc.</strong>., but also offers other options also related to registration such as, <strong>optimization, defragmented and even backup and restoration</strong> of the same.</p>
<p>Make use of an application like this <strong>make our work on the Windows registry easier and we can achieve information and actions that we cannot use before</strong>, thus allowing you to save time on this task and also obtain the expected results more easily and within reach of more users.</p>
<p>Thus, <strong>If you usually have to check or edit the Windows registry and the native Microsoft application does not finish convincing you</strong>, today we have presented you with a good alternative at no cost.</p>
<p><strong>RegCool | Download portable version</strong></p>
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