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Where the Easy and Fast screenshots are saved

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Taking screenshots is something that is becoming almost vital for people today, because to support some information or message, they make use of this function.

It has different uses and once we learn how to do them, a doubt is created that may be hovering in your head after taking the screenshot: where are the screenshots saved?

Whether on the computer or on a mobile device, you are they have a destination and we will tell you how to find it In each case. Including extra information that may interest you about this.

Where are screenshots saved?

Taking Windows 10 as an example, we will show you where your screenshot is saved.

We will explain to you first where the screenshots are saved on the computers that have Windows 10 operating system. As we all know, this version of Windows brings screen capture functionality.

However, you may not know well where they are being stored. And is that the operating system is responsible for assigning the basic folders by default inside the hard disk to store all screenshots.

This can be changed very easily, just you will need to configure the storage path within the tool and choose the folder where it is best for you to save it. We will give you a more detailed explanation about this.

How to find the screenshots of the computer?

For Windows 10 operating system computers There is a specific location to where the screenshots are stored. To find it, you just need to do the following:

  1. Go to him file explorer of your computer.
  2. Then go to the section of Images.
  3. Once there, you will find that there is a folder with the name Screenshots or also like Screenshots. That is the folder you were looking for so much.

How to change the destination where the screenshots are saved?

The first thing we should do for this is find that default folder created by the operating systemFor that, you should follow all the steps that we will take next:

  1. Open the File Browser to view all the folders on our computer.
  2. Next, we must go to the bar that appears on the left and find the corresponding one with Fast access.
  3. After that, we must give it where it says Images.
  4. Find the corresponding folder with the screenshots.
  5. You must click with the right mouse button on the folder, it will be named Screenshots.
  6. Next, you should select where it says Properties.
  7. A window will appear where you must select the corresponding tab with Location.
  8. Then show you the path where the screenshots are saved.
  9. You must give it where it says Move to change the location of all content.
  10. If you give the option Search destination then open the folder you have already chosen.
  11. Press again on the option that says Move.
  12. And if you want to return to the previous configuration, you just need to give it to Restore Defaults.
  13. By giving the option to move the content, another tab will open in the browser.
  14. You'll have what it istake the folder you have selected as a new destination of the screenshots.
  15. Click on that folder.
  16. Next, you should hit the button Select folder to specify with the process.
  17. However, before asking you if you are sure to make those changes, where you will have to confirm your choice.
  18. And voila, you have already changed the destination of the screenshots so that you have them in a more accessible place for you.

Where are Windows XP screenshots saved?

Where Windows XP screenshots are saved.Did you take a screenshot of your WIndows XP and do not know where to look? Well, here you will find out how to find it.

In case I find you using a Windows XP operating system computer and you want to know where the screenshots are saved, we will explain how to do it.

First of all, you should know that if you have made any of the typical combinations of the keys on the keyboard to take screenshots, these they are not stored in the system files.

However, yourself you can save these screenshots in any folder on the computer you want.

How to save a screenshot on the Windows XP computer?

  1. Take the screenshot with the key Imp. Pant if you want to capture the entire screen and Imp Pant + Alt If you want to capture a specific window.
  2. Open any photo editor, either paint or Photoshop, or you can also open any Office document such as Word or Power Point.
  3. Press the key combination Ctrl + V or press Paste in the top toolbar.
  4. The screenshot that appears You can crop and edit if you wish.
  5. Click the right mouse button so that the options menu is displayed.
  6. Debers select where it says Save Image As.
  7. All will have a chance to choose the folder where the screenshot will be stored in your documents.

Where are Windows 7 screenshots saved?

Where WIndows 7 screenshots are savedIn Windows 7 you can find in a simple way where is the information of your assistant that captures the screen of your computer.

If your computer has the Windows 7 operating system, it is also easy to find where the screenshots are saved in the system, but this depend on how you took it.

How to find the screenshots on the Windows 7 computer?

You can find the screenshots in the system image browser, specifically in the Images folder, if you have used the corresponding key combination with Windows + Imp. Pant.

You will find it in the same way as you will with Windows 8 or Windows 10, with the name of the folder Screenshots or Screenshots. However, if you have taken the screenshot with another combination, it is different.

As we have it when we take the screenshot just by using the key Imp. Pant., you should know that it is not saved automatically. And you lose it if you get to copy something else to the clipboard or if you turn off the computer.

How to save screenshots on Windows 7 computer?

  1. Take the screenshot using the key combination Imp. Pant. + Alt if you want to capture just one window or pestaa. If you want to capture the entire screen, just press the key. Pant.
  2. Then go to the Windows startup.
  3. Search where it says All the programs.
  4. You must give it to accessories.
  5. This is where you will find the corresponding program with Paint that you should open.
  6. Once there, you must paste the screenshot you have made or press the key combination Ctrl + V.
  7. That way you could have pasted the screenshot; it only remains that the edit as you wish or cut it then save it directly from Paint.
  8. You must go to the top bar of the program in the tab that says Archive.
  9. After that, you should give the corresponding option with Save as.
  10. Choose the name you want For the screenshot.
  11. Select the type of format you want it to be stored with, we recommend that it be JPEG.
  12. Select the folder where you want to store it.
  13. Click on save And voila, you can find the screenshot in the selected folder.

Where are Windows 8 screenshots saved?

Where WIndows 8 screenshots are savedWindows 8 has very internal information in order, so finding your screenshots will be really easy for you.

In case you are using a computer with Windows 8 operating system, where screenshots are saved is exactly the same as in the case of the Windows 10 version.

How to find the screenshots on the Windows 8 computer?

  1. Open the file explorer of your computer to access all the folders on the computer.
  2. Then, click on the specific section of Images.
  3. After that, you should look for a specific folder that can be in different ways, depending on the language you have configured on the computer, it can be Screenshots, Screenshots, etc.

Where are the Mac screenshots saved?

Where Mac screenshots are savedBelieve it or not, finding the screenshots of your Mac will be easier than doing it on Windows.

However, if you have a Mac computer, finding where screenshots are saved is much simpler than in the other cases.

How to save a screenshot on Mac computer?

First of all, we will tell you that there are two ways to take screenshots, among which the first is the next:

  1. Using the keyboard, we must press the Comnado-Mays-3.
  2. After that you will have seen that the capture of the entire full screen is taken.

And the second option is the next:

  1. Using the keyboard, you should give it in the Command-Mays-4.
  2. Debers later drag the mouse cursor It will be placed in a cross shape now.
  3. Select the zone where you are going to want to take the screenshot.
  4. Debers stop pressing the keys, but you have to hold the mouse button.
  5. Now to take the screenshot you only need to release the mouse button and voila, the capture of a specific area of ​​the screen has already been taken.

Now, since we have taken the screenshot on our Mac computer, to search for them you only need to go to the system desktop and ready. There you can easily find all the Screenshots taken.

Where are Android screenshots saved?

Where mobile screenshots are savedIf you have a mobile, you are lucky, since all the apps that it has, have a specific folder.

In case you want to know where the screenshots are saved on a mobile device with Android operating system, we will explain how to find that folder that you may not have achieved so easily.

  • Rarely, with some mobile devices, specifically with Pixel and Nexus, we can find that the screenshots are stored in the default Google application called Photos. However, you should not rely on this location, due to that not in all Android models we will find these Screenshots hereHowever, do not be overly trying to search if they save there first.
  • Now, if you have not found the screenshots, but you have the mobile device connected to the cloud storage and a Wi-Fi network, we must go to in the browser to see if they are there.
  • Go to the cone of your corresponding mobile device with the Galley and start searching through the folders to find one that is called Screenshots, Screenshots or Pictures. Any of these ways we can find this folder, all depend on the model of your Android device.
  • Another uncommon, but very practical way for when you want to share the screenshot, is entering any instant messenger application, as will WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram.

Once there, it will be as if you were sending a normal photograph, there break down all the folders that are in storage so you can search directly where the screenshots are saved.

In some cases, Smartphones keep a notification of when you've taken a screenshot, where you will have the opportunity to share it directly from there.

However, all this is if you have done the screenshot with the usual button combination, but if you have made the screen capture with another extra application, debers look for the folder in the Galwas.

Naturally, find the corresponding name with the application or with a name referring to the screenshots.

As an extra fact, we will explain to you where the screenshots are saved on Apple's mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad. This is much simpler.

It will only be necessary for you to take the screenshot using the combination of corresponding buttons with that of lock and unlock the device and the Home button.

Once you've done the screenshot, now you can go to the corresponding application with the photos of your device and on the Reel you will find the screenshots you just made.

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