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WhatsApp will have the best Instagram functionality. Guess what?

WhatsApp and Instagram

While we wait for Mark Zuckerberg to decide the new name he will have Whatsapp, today we learned that very soon the most successful instant messaging application will have one of the best features of the popular social photography network.

And, it is a fact that Facebook wants to integrate the messaging services of its application ecosystem, joining Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram In a single application. And yes, the main functionalities of each app will also be implemented.

Boomerang, Instagram video mode will come to WhatsApp

This is where Boomerang comes in, one of the star features of Instagram and that allows us to send videos in a loop to give them a very funny touch. As you can see in the video that tops these lines, this functionality will arrive very soon to WhatsApp.

Obviously, even if you see this new tool running, it is not active yet. It was the WaBetaInfo guys who posted the video explaining how this functionality works. What is clear is that the new Boomerang tool on WhatsApp will arrive very soon, possibly first to iOS devices and later to Android terminals.

It should be remembered that Boomerang It was initially a secondary application for Instagram, but seeing the success of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, he decided to unify it to his social photography network. It is also available on Facebook Messenger, so the next step was to land WhatsApp.

Now, we just have to wait for the American firm to finally release an update that allows us to enjoy this new functionality in the well-known instant messaging platform. And remember, it is most likely that this new tool first reaches the beta version, so follow these steps to become a WhatsApp beta tester so you can try all the news before anyone else.

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