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WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook again presented connection failures

The morning of the day of
Yesterday I noticed that my Instagram account was having enough trouble to
Upload the content of the home page and my profile. Without more thought I know
it was an isolated case and even that my telephone line connection was
failing, but it seems that no, the trinity of social networks Facebook,
WhatsApp and Instagram fell again for a moment.

This is what the site reported Downdetector more than 12 thousand repor of people with problems on Facebook, 3,000 thousand user reports on WhatsApp and 7,000 thousand reports related to Instagram. All this as it almost always happens when these things happen in the social network of the competition, Twitter.

Incident chart on Facebook

Without reaching ms, this
problem was solved during the day. The causes of
because the sudden falls of these three social networks and the company
Mark Zuckerberg's principal has not declared
So far nothing about it.

If we remember, long time ago
it was confirmed that these networks will be unified so that messages can be sent to each other,
then it is worth thinking that maybe the tests of this platform already
are being made and the failures that still exist cause these falls not
do you think

Let me know if you had trouble communicating with these apps in the comments, we are reading.

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