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What is Facebook Watch: another Netflix competitor

Today, almost all technology titans have a video transmission service (or one on the way). Amazon has Amazon Prime Video, Apple prepares Apple TV + and Facebook has Facebook Watch. Yes, you did well: Facebook has a platform streaming Own and full of original content. But do you really know what Facebook Watch is and how it works? Keep reading because in this guide we tell you everything.

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Facebook Watch is a video on demand service that specializes in original content, created in conjunction with actors, celebrities and influencers.

The intention is to create content that can be shared, material with which people get hooked and make them have to share with their friends, a bit like when you run into a good meme. And it is with these social points of view, the company expects to make a profit.

Unlike Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, Facebook Watch is a free platform. And where does Facebook get money from? The service is full of ads. That's why Facebook is adding viral content first, joining people like Bare Gylls and Nicole Byer to produce unique episodes that have the potential to appear everywhere.

However, that does not mean that there is no network material on Facebook Watch, because there is. In November, the firm signed an agreement with 20th Century Fox to add Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly to your collection But we warn you: just don't expect to turn it on and find top-level titles like Breaking Bad, Chernobyl Y Friends. It is also free.

Instead, on Facebook Watch you will find fiction, hilarious comedies and exciting documentaries. In addition, the material has been carefully selected or commissioned to drive comments, in order to generate more points and more effective views. Facebook aims to raise $ 12 billion by 2022.


You can watch Facebook Watch on almost every device you can imagine, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Samsung Smart TV. And it is also available on Android and iOS.

In the first wave of devices, you will have to download Facebook Watch, while it is much easier to access on Android and iOS: you just start a session on Facebook and then go to the Watch section.

And, again, since you don't need a subscription to view the content, you don't have to deliver any bank or credit card information. Simply enter your email address or password, or create a Facebook account if you don't have one yet.

Then you will be ready to start.


There is a lot of material on Facebook Watch and the most popular offers are Bear Grylls: Face the Wild, Humans of New York: The Series, Loosely Exactly Nicole and TI've Mind of a Chef. But, the truth is that you will have to spend some time searching the catalog to find a jewel that awakens your interest. However, for the monthly price of zero, it is worth looking for.

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