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We tested and fell in love with the Townew smart trash can

we tested the townew head trash can

In simplicity is happiness and Townew shows it

The good

    Easy to use, your design will look good where you put it, good bag sealing, lightweight

The bad

    Price (of the Townew and the spare parts of bags)


In a time when there are not only phones, but also refrigerators, washing machines, speakers and even smart wallets, it was a matter of time that smart trash cans also appeared. And although intelligence is limited in this case to open and close the lid, as well as seal the bags when necessary, these are characteristics that end up seducing the audience more than many other device functions that, in the long run, do not They serve for nothing.

Knowing Townew

Like any good idea, what prefigures the Townew is simple: a trash can that opens and closes its lid by itself, while also sealing (also automatically) the bags when they are full (or when you consider it necessary).

That said, the matter does not seem like much. But now they say that there is happiness in the simple, and soon after using it, the Townew lets himself be loved and draws a smile on all those who deposit their waste in it. Actually, we should not use the intelligent name here, since perhaps it will be more accurate to talk about automatic, which is what Townew really is.

Being strict, we should use the automatic term, which is what Townew really is.

He is currently finishing his successful campaign in Indiegogo, and his market placement is practically confirmed as of September.

Do you have to change diapers daily? Are you a fine nose and can't stand the smell that emanates from the cubes you have in the kitchen or bathroom? Do you cover your nose every time you take a garbage bag to a container? Breathe! The Townew is what you've been waiting for.


Opening the box and starting to use the Townew is practically one and the same thing. Simply activate the rear switch and you're done. Its design is simple, with a modern touch and conceived to adapt without problem to any type of room, independent of the design or surrounding decoration.

Its exterior is made with ABS material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), an engineering grade plastic that is electro-insulating, in addition to having a high resistance to chemicals, shock and the passage of time. Its color and shape make it very attractive, and it is far from being and resembling a garbage can. In other words: if the garbage cans were computers, the Townew will clearly be a Mac.



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It has a 15.5 liter capacity, and is perfectly designed to accommodate bulk items and prevent overflow. It comes with a 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery, which should last a month or even longer.

The Townew has an advanced infrared detection system, which ensures that the lid opens automatically when you approach your hand. Once you deposit the trash, the lid closes a few seconds later. Do you prefer the lid to remain open? Press the button under relief that comes in its front part, and the lid will not close again until you touch it again.

When the lid opens, a soft blue light with dimming mode indicates that the cube is open. We miss that this light will also work when we open the lid manually, even for a few seconds.

Once the garbage bag is full, you must press and hold the button for three seconds and its thermoplastic sealing technology incorporated in the Town automatically seal the garbage bag inside, ensuring that nothing is spilled or the room will be exposed to someone Bad smell. Once sealed, the Townew will immediately have another bag ready to use.

Its color and shape make it very attractive, and it is far from being and resembling a garbage can. In other words: if the garbage cans were computers, the Townew will clearly be a Mac.

The system works with removable rings that contain 25 bags each. Amazon will be put on sale (also in September) spare parts of three rings ($ 18 dollars) or six ($ 30 dollars). The self-sealing design not only prevents the escape of odors, but also resists moisture and water, ensuring that, no matter how hard the environment around the Townew is, everything will continue to work perfectly.



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When the interior is full, the Townew itself detects it, lifting the entire upper part of the compartment and sealing the bag.

Our opinion

We said at the beginning that the idea behind the Townew was very simple, and that perhaps for the same reason it is so attractive. We tested it in the offices of Digital Trends (New York), and several said they wanted one. Brakes that we test different gadgets on a daily basis, and not always people feel equally attracted to objects on paper and in practice that are much more complex.

If we talk about an ideal use for the Townew, the disposable baby diapers is the first thing that comes to mind, since the seal gives off the smell without problems. In general, any waste that generates bad odors will find a good ending here.

The price of the rings is perhaps the biggest disadvantage, since in general it doubles the price that the four gallon (15 liter) bags have on Amazon. But of course: none of these bags is part of a bucket that seals them automatically.

When it goes on sale, the Townew will be priced at $ 119 dollars, and include a ring with 30 bags and its corresponding charger. Yes, we know: it is money to cook it in a garbage can. But if you are one of those who have already stopped buying only cheap things in Ikea and want to give your home a more special touch, the Townew will not disappoint you.

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