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We teach you to schedule emails in Gmail

schedule emails

Gmail It is one of the most famous mail clients and with more users than currently exists. This email has many features that are really useful and that put Gmail at the top of the mail clients.

Some of these functionalities are to cancel the sending of an email, put an automatic signature, change the theme of the page as we wish, the editing tools with which we can create some emails of the most worked and complex.

But, nevertheless, something that Google’s email cannot boast is a system to schedule emails, something that allows us to create some emails, schedule them at certain times and on the days we decide.

The thing does not end here, because thanks to the tremendous developer community we can have the possibility of programming our emails with Google Sheets. How is that possible? Attention we explain it to you.

How to schedule emails in Gmail

First of all we must be clear that for this process we will have to perform a series of steps that must be taken into account to be able to program the emails correctly. Now is the time to start getting to work.


  1. We enter Gmail and write the message that we want to leave programmed with the address to which we want to send the message, but we leave it in Draft.
  2. We download and install the extension Email Scheduler for Gmail within Google spreadsheets.
  3. After installing this add-on, we will have to give permission to Gmail and the rest of the Google Apps services.
  4. Within the Google spreadsheet, the only thing we will have to do is click on Add-ons> Email Scheduler> Configure.
  5. The system import all drafts that you have written
  6. Within the document we will have to notice that there is a functional column. Display the menu and here you will see all the messages you have in drafts. You will read the issues of the drafts.
  7. Choose the documents that interest you and then click on the blue button Schedule.
  8. Now I will open a new menu to choose the time and day you want to send the message.
  9. When you're done, press again Schedule.
  10. You will see that the message has been added to the spreadsheet. Now you're just going to have to wait.

Schedule Gmail

Finally, I want to recommend that you keep this spreadsheet in the markers from your browser so that you always have this useful tool at hand and you are sure to take advantage of it. Did you like this tool? Do you try it? Leave your comment with your experience.

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