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We already know when Apex Legends season rewards arrive

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Apex Legends, The battle game in the Titanfall universe, was revealed and released for free on February 4, and has already become incredibly popular. And soon, players can win items and loot boxes – called “Apex Packs” – through a seasonal rewards system.

This reward system is very similar in style to that of Fortnite, with some available through normal play, while others are locked behind a Battle Pass. Best of all, you won't have to wait long, because seasonal rewards will be available starting in March.

According to the official EA website, each season lasts approximately three months, with 100 levels of unlockable rewards available. The Frequently Asked Questions page explicitly explains that these rewards will not include Legends, which probably means that new characters can only be unlocked using Legend Tokens or Apex Coins, just as Mirage and Caustic are currently in the game.

The first season that begins in March is just the beginning of what appears to be an abundant content plan for Respawn Entertainment. In a recent trailer, a one-year road map details what players can expect with each new season in Apex Legends, and each one brings new Legends, weapons and button.apex legends to launch battle pass and seasonal content in march roadmap

Be Apex the new Fortnite?

Created by the same developers behind Titanfall, and set in the same universe, Apex Legends, the free battle game, has taken off strongly since its surprise release on February 4. Since his arrival he has been able to keep his position as the most watched game on Twitch, and in just three days he reached 10 million players, even surpassing even Fortnite, which took two weeks to reach the same goal.

The popularity of Apex Legends may come as a surprise, as there have been many other Battle Royale games after the success of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Y Fortnite, but most did not get great results. In addition, EA's recent confirmation that Titanfall 3 no longer part of their current plans left many players not very happy with the arrival of Apex Legends, but that has not prevented it from being strong.

If the rumors about the next lonely and couples way turn out to be true, and if the solid line of content that Respawn Entertainment has prepared is good, many think that there is a possibility that Apex Legends I came to compete, or even beat Fortnite. And who knows, if he continues to exceed expectations, perhaps EA will reconsider his position on Titanfall 3 in the future.

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