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Twitter improves its dark mode to save real battery

The dark mode is booming and every time
more apps add to this functionality for visual comfort and a few more
for the battery savings that this means for some users. Twitter is a
of which some time ago joined the set of apps that have this feature,
but I still didn't convince all users.

This dark mode had the flaw that in
reality only helped to change the appearance and many what really
They were looking to save the battery. And now is when Twitter gets the batteries and integrates a new dark mode that will help
those users with OLED screens
thanks to that in these panels you can
completely turn off the LEDs to achieve totally pure black.

The function called Lights out Now available for iOS and Android users. Of course it is a great bet on the part of the social network, since we are at a point where not all smartphones have a great fast load. And although not everyone has OLED technology in the panels, but remember that sooner or later end up being a standard in the industry.

You already have this new dark mode? Leave us your impressions in the comment box, we are reading.

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