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Tricks to be the best pro in Fortnite for Android

Playing Fortnite for Android is not an easy task. The touch screen, the complexity of the controls and the game itself does not help you to face other players, as we remember that we will be 1 against 99 others.

If you want to become the next Lolito Fernández on your mobile you will need some help. Certain tricks that will make you a real pro in Fortnite and they will get you to become a seasoned and experienced player. Although everything is practical, and you will have to take time if you need it.

Some tricks that are not the panacea

You have to notice one thing: these tricks They will not solve at all that you play on a phone. It depends on your hardware, your own ability and the ability of the opponents. Unfortunately, Fortnite in mobile phones has a complication that does not seem to be solved: Bluetooth controls are not compatible. So you will have to opt for one of the three shooting methods included: Auto Shot, Touch anywhere and Specific button. Our recommendation is that you choose the first one since it will facilitate the task when it comes to understanding all the Fortnite controls.

The shotgun, the dear shotgun

Tricks to be the best pro in Fortnite for Android

In Fortnite there are obviously weapons of all kinds that are divided in terms of power, rarity, and so on. If we have more beast and higher ranking weapons we will have more chances to kill our opponents. But I am one of those who think that this game is decompensated for a simple reason: the shotguns

In Fortnite, face-to-face is essential, and an assault rifle or submachine gun is not going to do much. What to do? Paste shotguns. They do a lot of damage, you don't need to be far away and it depends on the times they shoot. If you want to survive in Fortnite you will need a yes or yes shotgun. Recommendation: Look for the tactical shotgun. The slide takes too long between shot and shot.

Never stand in one place

In the shooter there is a derogatory expression called champion This practice consists of standing still waiting for the opponent and sewing it with shots at the minimum exchange rate. Although questionable, it is a tactic like any other. And although it seems incredible, even in Fortnite for Android there is a champion. Issue: The game is constantly against the clock. And if you stand still, and the opponent knows how to build, you are dead.

First, because you will have to flee to the point where the storm does not catch. Then, the other opponent will build you on top so you can do nothing and fall from the sky with a shotgun. Or else, it will destroy your structures easily and you rusheará, which means that it will overwhelm you with everything. Note: do not campers

Construction is very important, in every way

Tricks to be the best pro in Fortnite for Android

When I started playing Fortnite for the first time, I didn't give much importance to construction. It seemed like a complicated and poorly carried mechanic, so, as I always play with a friend, I let him build and entrench me with him. Big mistake.

We are no longer talking about simple protection against other players, but of playability in general. Building allows you to reach sites that otherwise would be impossible, position yourself in a place to wait, overwhelm the rival … It is even necessary to know that the structures follow the rules of basic architecture: if you destroy the base You load the construction.

And, as the name of the game indicates, although to camp be bad, on many occasions it is necessary to momentarily entrench yourself in a construction to collect supplies, revive your fallen ally, cover you … Do not do like me: Learn to build.

When you go to collect materials, do not break things in the middle of the map

In Fortnite we need 3 types of materials: wood, stone and metal, ordered from least to greatest resistance. You can get them from almost any small gap on the map thanks to your extractor tool. But if you break things right and left you will betray your position.

An example. If you are in the field and need wood, you will cut down trees. But let's say you start cutting down until the tree breaks. Someone in the distance will see it and go for you. It is very important that, if you are exposed, don't break things that are seen from afar. Leave them to short life, and collect the right materials.

Stay away (at the beginning) from these areas

Tricks to be the best pro in Fortnite for Android

There are certain areas of the game in which if you enter without experience it is equivalent to an assured death. Good because they are battle centers or because they are simply places horrible. These are:

  • Chopped floors: They are full-fledged bell battles. Fall here at the beginning and you will have to face many people, among a multitude of buildings and in a small field.
  • Booty Raft: the worst site in my opinion of Fortnite. A house with a couple of weapons, a sea in which any sniper can knock you down and some boxes scattered on the water. Fatal.
  • Underground Socavón: it is the Picados 2.0 Floors, but with the incentive that if you consume stones you can jump much more distance. Perfect for being shot down from the air.
  • Tortuous Tunnels: a maze of tunnels with many ups and downs and a variety of brutal weapons. You can survive with luck, but a bad turn will lead to your death.

Finally: NEVER forget the storm

Tricks to be the best pro in Fortnite for Android

There are many more tips I can give you, but these are some basic notions. The last tip is simple: Never forget the storm. In Fortnite the area of ​​action goes in 2 phases: the circle that determines the safe zone in a time is established; and in the second phase the storm goes to the circle. If you are in the storm you die

Not literal, of course. It will take your life if you stay inside the storm, but if the storm is one of the last, it will kill you very quickly. It is easy to engage in a battle with enemies, that time is pressing, getting distracted and having to run away. Do not make that mistake. If you see that the storm is going to catch you, run. Think that they will also have to run if they don't chase you. In this case it is worth stopping and counterattacking, but briefly.

With these tips you will be a machine in Fortnite. If you follow them, in a short time you will be one of Fortnite's elite. Always after a lot of games, that progress in this game is not easy.

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