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Touch Edition to the Play Store

If we talk about a game published by the same NVIDIA this means that We talk about quality and it is the one that has Pavilion: Touch Edition. A new title for Android that wants to collect the witness of mystery and great visual quality of the Monument Valley.

An indie title that has been awarded several awards and that it's all a puzzle in the third person to immerse ourselves in a mysterious and magical world. In fact we can manage the environment at our whim to reveal the mysteries and finish those levels full of a very magical touch.

A game of a chapter

NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios has brought to Pavilion: Touch Edition Eager to put all the chicha in the grill of the visual, technical and performance in a mobile game. Graphically, this enigmatic game that challenges you with a good number of puzzles to take you to a world of your own is on another level.

If NVIDIA has achieved anything with Pavilion: Touch Edition is to bring a world very well set with a sound that is capable of transporting you, as long as you have good headphones or your phone has stereo speakers; If you have a Galaxy, you can configure it to take full advantage of this NVIDIA title.

Our objective is guide the mysterious protagonist, and that has an air to the great filmmaker of Spanish surrealism Luis Buñuel, through a dream world where reality and fantasy merge to bring us a visual and sound experience like no other. It will not be the first game I play with these cards, but you have to make things clear.

Interact with the world around you with Pavilion: Touch Edition

One of the highlights of this NVIDIA game is the power to interact with the world around us To complete the levels. That is, you will have to interact with sounds, lights and physical objects as if your own fingers were part of that urine world created by the company guilty of those graphics cards for PCs.

We can add the sound quality and the soundtrack of Tony Gerber who brings his own character and much depth to a game that lets you enjoy from the first moments. That said, comment that we only have access to chapter one of the two that will be available.

We do not know if the price of the game, which is of 3.79 euros at its launch, will increase when we have to download and pay for the next chapter. Hopefully not, although we may have to pay again for a game without advertising and with all the content during a payment; although this time there are two if we are not misguided.

A 3D world more than well done

If something highlights NVIDIA is for being one of the culprits that we have on PC those graphics and visual effects. Although there is also AMD, in Pavilion: Touch Edition graphics are generated with which to freak it out and thus get into a whole game that sets the bar quite high. If you have a phone with a large screen, you will be able to enjoy this game as a dwarf.

Technically it is simply spectacular and we must highlight the design of the environments, the character and that world set with light games that put the icing on the cake itself that is this game. Nor should we ignore the sound and the soundtrack to enjoy a whole sound and visual experience.

You can already acquire Pavilion: Touch Edition to enjoy a whole puzzle with some divine graphics and that for the payment of 3.79 euros you will have all the content without waiting, without micropayments and those inconveniences of the freemium that we hate more and more. Break the piggy bank of Google Opinion Rewards and get this title, you will thank us.

Editor's Opinion

Pavilion: Touch Edition

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating


  • NVIDIA is here
  • Visually it is amazing
  • Your game of lights and puzzles
  • His sound

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