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Tips for Fortnite newbies for Android

Many of those who play the version of Fortnite for Android will know how to play first hand, either because they already have an account in the game from another platform or because they will have seen the hundreds of videos that swarm on the network on this video game. We all want to be like Lolito, and it's reasonable.

But there are players who are going to join the game for the first time, and if you are one of them and have lived in a cave for a long time, don't worry: We will give you tips to get you started at Fortnite. You may sound somewhat obvious, but believe us; You will all go through having to pay attention to them.

In other Fortnite articles, we have emphasized the need for a Bluetooth controller for an optimal gaming experience. These tips will be oriented to this type of gameplay, so it may not apply if you use the standard touch gameplay.

The first thing you should do when going down: get any weapon

Tips for Fortnite rookies for mobile

The most effective weapons in Fortnite are shotguns, it is something that few escapes. There is another great variety of weapons, such as explosives, guns, rifles, etc. The fact is that getting weapons in the game is random, and unless you take a long time, almost all players go down to the surface at the same time from the bus. Since you step on the ground, your priority It is finding a weapon.

And here no matter what weapon you take, catch whatever. Don't be squeamish and don't just take the ones you like; first, you must leave the other players who have fallen with you without weapons (knocking down one that has come down with you is an indescribable pleasure) and second It will be your salvation if you encounter an armed one.

The moment you are armed, you can defend yourself. It is essential to get a team powerful enough so that you can at least shoot someone if you find it or attack you. When you have a weapon or 2 (and ammunition) you can already worry about getting bandages, shield potions, and so on.

Wood is the new water in Fortnite

One of the best things about Fortnite is that you can extract materials from almost anything you want. Exactly, you can extract wood, stone and metal. Obviously each one is harder than the previous one, but therefore, more difficult to achieve and above all louder when removing them. We can do it with our spout or extractor tool.

The point is that although stone and metal come great, They are not essential as wood. This abounds more, is quieter and can also be achieved in large quantities. To move around the map, cover yourself, and create medium-sized buildings is the best. Let's go, You must have yes or yes wood. So whenever you can, get wood from trees or houses and buildings.

Check the soil: apples and mushrooms also count

In one of the latest updates, Fortnite included a new item that we can consume like meteorite stones: Apples and mushrooms. Apples, when consumed, gives us 5 vitality points. Mushrooms grant us 5 shield points, vital for our survival.

Fortnite for Android

The advice is simple: Look for them whenever you can. They are scattered on the floor randomly, being able to consume them as long as we lack some shield or vitality. Don't underestimate them: when we don't have potions or bandages, these groceries are definitely a great remedy. Look for them whenever you can.

When you hear shots, be patient

The shots in Fortnite can be heard several meters away. If you hear shots, don't doubt that there are several players fighting each other. At the beginning, I was literally going crazy: I put on my guns and went to war like a Spartan. Note: don't do it

Go to the area, hiding if you can, and observe. It may seem creepy, but Wait for the fight to reduce. You will catch your adversary damaged and with less ammunition, and you will have the surprise factor in your favor. And even if you don't like the strategy, it's a simple matter of location.

Tips for Fortnite newbies for Android

If you shoot and give yourself away, be sure that as soon as they find out those players will go for you and not the shots of one person will rain, but several. And maybe not right, if you're trying to aim with a sniper rifle. Be patient, and everything will be fine.

If you shoot in the distance, don't forget about rushear

What is it rushear? This word is used when a player, after weakening him, goes to him to overwhelm him with everything. Many times we think we can take down our enemies from afar, and so it is. But many times it is not effective because they are entrenched in their constructions and we do not supply. At that time, you have to rushear.

Let's give a practical example. Put that you are shooting a distant player, about 100 meters and this is protected with a construction. What you have to do is build a ramp towards him, arm yourself with a shotgun and go to him with everything you have. Shooting from afar without more has no effect, since it will not stop building and maybe you rushea to you. There you have to lose.

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