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This year Xbox get to mobile with Project xCloud

In terms of streaming, one of the businesses that started with the first platforms for its users this year is that of video games. We already mentioned the ones that will enter for the first time talking about Google or Snapchat and another who already has time in the market like Steam. However, they cannot prune the biggest companies on the subject, being Microsoft the one that brings us to today's note.

The Project xCloud is the way in which
Microsoft aims to bring the titles of its console to mobile devices.
Making it clear, he wants that the
users can play wherever they are
through a
system that runs the games in the cloud and only sends the
image of these to the smartphone or mobile device.

The following video shows how fluidity and graphic quality It is one of the main characteristics mentioned although obviously depending on the speed of the internet connection as well as the absence of delay to execute the actions through the connected control goes Bluetooth.

While this service
requires having an Xbox console, it will not cease to be a good competition
even in the gamer world of smartphones. Compatibility not
It will be a problem because Xbox developers won't have to
Add support to your games. It is mentioned in the video by Kareem Choudhry, vice president of Gaming Cloud, that this platform will begin arriving this year.

What do you think about Microsoft's proposal? Which of the aforementioned te
seems better? We are reading in the comment box.


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