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This has been the evolution of mobile phones to smartphones, full of surprises

Mobile phones

When a new product format arrives, which is gradually being incorporated into our lives and that ends up being a protagonist more of the day, we do not usually look back and appreciate where this new tool has come from, which is its direct antecedent. The smartphone today they are an undisputed companion in our daily routine, but if we review its evolution from the first “mobile” phones, we can take many surprises.

In the first place, something that draws our attention powerfully, seeing the infographic that from ValorTop they have done in a very complete way, is the reduction in the screen size from the first mobile phones in the 90s to the small phones of the years 95-97, where although the screen creca to some extent, the overall dimensions were very compact.

But from ah, and with products like the Nokia N95 or of course, Apple's iPhone 3, the dynamic change radically. So what mattered, and it is a model that we see today, is the size of the screen, and how it is gradually increasing until today we have 6-inch models already established in the market.

Infographic designed by ValorTop

The evolution of mobile phones

Since devices weighing more than 700 grams, less than an inch of screen and a price of 4,000 dollars, to terminals with 60-minute batteries and 1,000 dollars, to products of 2, 4, or up to 6 inches for 100-150 dollars, as we see in the comparative smartphone that makes ValorTop with dimensions reminiscent of that of the old phones in terms of the greatness of its size, but with a weight section very accomplished and achieved.

Are consumers users totally undecided? Do we know what we want or are manufacturers and companies interested in this business that influence us and determine the type of product we will buy? In my opinion I think a little of everything, although what is clear is that today we are reaching those limits where the 6 inches of a smartphone or phablet collide with the 7 inches of tablets smaller, and seems to be an important barrier.

But if something shows us this complete infographic, is that We do not know how to predict the pace of the next few years too well.. Larger terminals? Back to the 4-inch screens for the interest of having the most comfortable product at hand? The use of… projectors? Who knows.

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