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The Xiaomi Mi 9 5G be the cheapest 5G phone on the market

Xiaomi Mi 9

Weeks ago that It is rumored that a Xiaomi Mi 9 5G will soon reach the market. The phone has already gone through several certifications, such as TENAA, so everything indicates that we will soon know it officially. Although there are currently no concrete details about his arrival at the stores. What seems clear is that it will be a very accessible model in terms of price.

The phones with 5G that we are currently have high prices, easily exceeding 1,000 euros. Therefore, this new Xiaomi Mi 9 5G that would arrive shortly would have a most accessible price. In fact, from the firm they say it will be the cheapest 5G phone.

Keep in mind that the brand itself already has a model with 5G, which is noticeably cheaper than other devices. So it would be interesting to see the final price that this Xiaomi Mi 9 5G would have on its launch to stores. Some media speculate with a price of around 600 euros.

Xiaomi Mi 9

It is expected that there are certain changes with respect to the original model, in addition to the presence of the 5G modem. This new model would be somewhat thicker, about 1 mm thicker in this case. While the button for artificial intelligence that was in the original would be removed in this case.

There will also be improvements to the screen of this Xiaomi Mi 9 5G. According to media, a screen with 2K resolution will be used, which will undoubtedly be a quality leap for the phone. Several improvements therefore those that await us in this renewed high-end version of the Chinese brand.

We don't have details about the launch for now. Hopefully this Xiaomi Mi 9 5G is released before the end of the year, although the company itself has not confirmed anything. So we will have to wait a few weeks until more is known about this model. But it certainly promises to be a launch of great interest.

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