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The ultimate accessory if you want to win in Fortnite for Android

The Fortnite beta has already been partially released on Android. A game that we had been waiting for a long time and that in a short time we can enjoy on selected devices. And the long-awaited game does not come with that surprise under his arm.

If we read the FAQ section carefully, the Epic guys detail some limitations we can find in the game. The main one is the non-incorporation of compatibility with bluetooth devices or with keyboards and mice.

The nightmare of playing Fortnite on a touch screen

The ultimate accessory if you want to win in Fortnite for Android

As you could have guessed if we want to enjoy this battle royale, we must stick to the moment touch screen use of our device. Since nor the use of any external control device is possiblewell maybe …

Yes, a quick search gives us some light for all those who want an experience similar to other platforms. Thanks to some simple adapters, we can provide our phone with triggers, similar to the ones we have in the console controls.

Triggers for our smartphone

Ok, it may not be the most complete solution of all, but until we have compatibility with controls or keyboard and mouse is the simplest solution, at the same time affordable. Since we only have to hook the adapter and voila to the screen of our device, we already have triggers.

There are various adapters, varying in its design a bit, so we leave some suggestions that may interest you:

Option 1: Trigger for action games, smartphone

Option 2: Trigger for action games, smartphone

Option 3: Trigger for action games, smartphone

Option 4: Trigger for action games, smartphone

Beyond Fortnite

Beyond Fortnite

We are talking about the fashion game, but there are several action games on Android that may make use of these triggers. So everyone who wants to have a different gaming experience and do not want to "load" with a remote is a good option.

We must bear in mind that we will have to configure the layout of the on-screen buttons, to adapt to the use of these triggers. Since we do not want them to click on the absolute nothing on our screen. Once that little detail has been made, we are ready to enjoy.

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