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The three best thermometer applications for Android

Android applications

Our Android phones do not bring a thermometer function natively, with which to measure the temperature in a given space. It is a function that many users miss and would like to have on their phones. In that case, you have to resort to some application for the phone, which makes this possible.

The good news is that there are many applications of this type available in the Play Store. So we can always have an Android thermometer available, with which to measure the temperature in a room or if we want to know the exact temperature at a specific time and place.

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The names of these applications do not stand out for their originality, since all of them are called in similar ways, but they make clear their operation, which is certainly also important. In this case we find an application that It has a really simple interface, in which to see the current temperature that there is a certain room in a very simple and comfortable way for users.

It will give us the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, so that we can choose the one that interests us most in that case. In addition, it gives us more information, which makes it one of the most complete for Android in this case. Since in addition to the temperature, thanks to this application we have access to humidity at that time. It also gives us at that time what the outside temperature is, to compare if there are large differences in that regard.

It is a good application for Android, simple, easy to use, but at all times fulfills its mission. The download of the application for the phone is free, although we find ads inside, which are shown in the interface. Some can be a bit annoying.

Professional thermometer

This application differs from others that we are currently in this field for Android. While others use the Internet or online information to work, this application will use the device sensors at all times in order to obtain the data on the temperature at that time in a given space. Therefore, the data we obtain from it must be taken as an estimate at that time.

It is what makes be somewhat less accurate than others of its competitors in this field. Although it may be a good option if you want an application that does not need an Internet connection to work in this case. In addition, we must bear in mind that at certain times it is not the best option to use, when we charge the phone, for example, it can give us data that is very far from reality.

In general it is a simple app, but it works quite well. It has an uncomplicated interface and it helps us to have clear estimates of the ambient temperature at a given time or place. Its download on Android is free, although we find ads inside it.

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Thermometer ++

We end up with one of the best known in this field, in addition to one of the most veteran. Like the other two applications, it stands out for being really easy to use and not presenting any complications in this regard. A simple interface, with which we will be able to see at all times the temperature of a room. It will give us the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Both options are available.

We just have to choose the location on the map And the application will start working to tell us the temperature. This simple interface without artifice is what helps its smooth operation and allows it to be accessible to all types of users on Android, who want to have a thermometer.

The download of this application on Android is free. Inside it we find purchases and ads, although we can use it without paying money at any time. They are payments to remove ads, but in general we can use the app without too many problems.

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