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The three best audiobook applications for Android

Android audiobooks

Some time ago the audiobooks made their entry in the Google Play Store. They are presented as a good option for millions of users on Android, looking to be able to listen to a book at any time. Whether on the way to work or on vacation, you just have to have an application with which to access these contents on the phone.

Because of this, we meet each time more audiobook applications available on Android. Therefore, if you were thinking of using this type of content, surely one of these applications is of interest to you. So you have these books to listen to on your phone. Ideal for this month of vacation.


We start with this application, which is owned by Amazon, which is intended entirely for audiobooks. In it we find a huge amount of this type of book, in addition to also having access to podcasts. You can navigate between the more than 200,000 different titles that we find in it, so it is easy to find something that will be of interest to us at all times.

One of the aspects of interest of this audiobook application for Android is that there are several options when listening to them. We are given the possibility to listen to them online, although we will also be able to download them to the phone. In this way, we will have access to them without the need for an Internet connection on the phone. Two options of great comfort in this case.

In this case, Android application download is free. Although we have to pay for the audiobooks. We have a paid subscription, for which we pay monthly, which gives us access to free content and discounts on purchases of these books. If you are going to use many, it is a good option to consider.


Secondly we find one of the most complete options in the field of audiobook applications for Android. It is an application that is intended exclusively for this type of content. We have a catalog of the widest available to us in it, with all kinds of content. In addition, in all of them we have professional narratives and quality audio.

The use of the application is simple at all times. We can make very precise searches thanks to the filters that exist, which will allow us to access these contents in a way that is simpler for us. In addition, we can add personalized notes and bookmarks in these audiobooks. It is also possible to download them to listen to them without an Internet connection or even share recommendations with friends.

As in the previous case, Downloading this application on Android is free. Although we have to pay for the audiobooks at all times. But we can make use of a subscription in the application, so that it is more comfortable for us and have access in this way to many contents. You can download it below:


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<p>The name of the application makes it clear to us what we are going to find in it. In this case we find a catalog somewhat smaller than that of other applications,<strong> about 25,000 titles in total in this application</strong>, but that stands out in this regard for having a different operation from the others, in terms of subscription, which is what makes it interesting.</p>
<p>In this application for Android <strong>we have access to these audiobooks for free</strong>. We will not have to pay money for them, so it is a very interesting option in this case. In addition, we have the possibility to choose between different narrators, to use the one we like best in this case.</p>
<p>Therefore, if you want free books, but with a somewhat more limited selection, this application is a good option for many Android users. <strong>You can download it below:</strong></p>
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