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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is seen in a new official video

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, after overcoming the problems found on its screen and with the removal of the protective plastic that made will delay its launch, has finally reached the market. The folding phone can now be purchased in South Korea, although in Spain land in the middle of October. While arriving in our territory, Samsung has published a new video so that users get to know closely his “renewed” Galaxy Fold.

During the last IFA of Berlin in 2019, the great technology fair, Samsung took advantage of confirm the launch of the Galaxy Fold on September 6 in South Korea, giving even the opportunity to the attendees of the event to try their new device. For those who could not approach, the South Korean firm has published in a statement on its official blog a new video that show in detail its renewed folding phone.

Samsung has highlighted the design of the Galaxy Fold, which provides two options for screen size on a device, in addition to a completely new user experience. When the phone is closed, users can comfortably access all essential applications with one hand. On the other hand, when the device is folded it offers a 7.3 inch screen so that users experience a better visualization. To switch between both screens, the South Korean company has developed two functions: application continuity and multi-active window.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold arrive in Spain in mid-October

The first one allows the user Switch between using an application on the cover screen and using it on the main screen Without any problem. That is, you can check an email when the device is closed and, when it opens, allows you to reply to that email, for example. Something that is possible because it opens a version of the email application that is fully optimized for the expansive screen, allowing to see the complete content of the emails in a more comfortable way.

Also the keyboard is optimized and located near each of the user's hands, to make it easier to respond to emails. For its part, the multi-active window function allows you to take advantage of the main screen space by open several applications simultaneously, in addition to using them at the same time offering a multitasking of a higher level. This way users can read an email, check their calendar or open Google Maps in three windows simultaneously.

Users can also easily adjust the dimensions of each of the application windows to see more or less content, as required. The Samsung Galaxy Fold can already be purchased in South Korea, but it takes a little longer to reach Spain, since in our country land in mid October.

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