Sony Xperia 1

The rendered images of the Sony Xperia X2 appear

Sony Xperia 1

Sony has not wanted to surrender to the defeat after having been generating losses in income in one of the markets where more trajectory has had since its birth, which is that of smartphones. The Japanese company has been moving some pieces to reverse its current and not very rewarding predicament, and the launches of its star devices, which are the Xperia 10 and the Xperia 1, its current flagship, carried them out to attract again the Consumer attention and generate good numbers.

The manufacturer, to give strength to the recent actions that it has executed to return to what it once was in the world of smartphones, is also preparing its new high-performance star terminal, which will arrive as Xperia 2. The signs that this cell phone is close are strong, and this is something that is also supported by the recent leaks we are talking about, in which the real photos of it are appreciated. Now, to continue with the dynamic, we reveal the renders of this that have emerged recently.

The aesthetics of the Sony Xperia 2 is exposed again

The Sony Xperia 1 is a mobile that became official in the market in the month of February. This adopted the atypical 21: 9 screen format and other features and top specifications. His successor, which is the Xperia 2, will keep the slender panel, although its nature could change, so its diagonal would be different. This will support a design similar to that already found in the aforementioned device, as you can see in its images.

Despite that, you can tell that will bring some changes, as a triple camera aligned vertically and located in the upper left corner of the back cover, instead of being present in the upper center. The physical buttons will be the same and will be positioned equally on the right side along with the fingerprint reader. As for the later photographic module, it is said that it consists of the same sensors that the Xperia 1 carries; If so, we will be at the following triggers: 12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP.

The processor that would bring it to life will not be a lower model than Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, which is what we see in the current model. It is likely to reach the market with a smaller screen, so the battery would look slightly cut. While the specifications would be lightened slightly in some segments (as in these), they should be compensated in other sections.

To get a closer idea of ​​what we will find on the next flagship of the Japanese company, we must take into account all the qualities that the Xperia 1 flaunts; From these, we can expect several improvements. This mobile comes with a 6.5-inch diagonal OLED screen with a high QuadHD + resolution of 3,840 x 1,644 pixels, which causes it to reach a splendid pixel density of 643 dpi and the 21: 9 format reported. It does not use any type of notch or retractable selfie camera system. Therefore, it has some steep bevels, although not on its sides. In addition to all this, a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 crystal makes life on the panel to protect it from scratches, bumps and other types of abuse.

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In addition to the SD855 that it has in its gut, the smartphone comes equipped with a 6 GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB of internal storage space. Nor should we forget its triple rear camera, which, as we have already said, has three 12-megapixel resolution sensors. For selfies, facial recognition system, video calls and more, we have an 8 MP camera on the top bezel of it.

Of course, the Android 9 Pie operating system runs on the device, as well as a stereo speaker system, a 3,330 mAh capacity battery with support for fast charging of 18 watts and different sensors and advanced connectivity options.

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