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The production of the iWatch could be less due to lack of time

(dropcap size = small) S (/ dropcap) According to the latest information derived from the declarations of the security and analysis company KGI and Ming-Chi Kuo (one of its most famous analysts), the iWatch could see its initial production limited, due to the problems in creating enough Sapphire crystal.

This production would be just three million of units for 2014, something well below 10 million that are intended for sale worldwide.

The decrease in production is due to the problems that have been found in different parts of the manufacture and the delays in bringing a very perfected design to production. One of the most important problems with which Apple has encountered is with the time necessary for the manufacture of enough Sapphire crystal for all its equipment, especially the iWatch that due to the dimensions and shapes of the screen and its glass coverage, the It makes it more delicate to create.

It is precisely for this reason that Kuo dares to say that Apple may be forced to use normal Crystal on some iWatch models and reserve the Sapphire for others.

Another problem with which Apple must face is the adaptation of the operating system (OS) to such a small screen, according to statements of the own Kuo:

«We believe that the development of iWatch Hardware and OS is a much more difficult task than any other Apple product»

The launching This is planned for the month of October, in an event that Apple will be preparing. What is not known yet is whether the iWatch be presented and marketed, or we will have to wait as it has happened with some other apple equipment.

Anyway in Pacmac we will be informing of all the advances that arise.

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