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The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is officially delayed

The last few days have been quite intense for Samsung. The company has been organizing the worldwide launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, its first folding mobile.

The problem is that several of the analysts who have had it have found that their units have stopped working for some reason, as we told you recently.

We were able to try it for a few hours and it didn't give us the feeling that none of the units we saw had problems with the screen, but it seems that at least in some markets Samsung is going to pause the launch.

In China the Samsung Galaxy Fold events stop

This week there are Samsung events related to the Fold in many countries of the world. China is one of the most important and it seems that the subsidiary of the Korean company in that country would have canceled these events and allegedly postponed the sale of the Galaxy Fold. For now it is clear that the presentation events have been canceled.

The reasons for this are not known and although it is possible to modify something related to the design or the screen, it is most likely to be able to include a warning in the sales boxes indicating that the upper plastic must not be removed from the inner screen of the terminal.

It is also true that Samsung has already confirmed that, in the United States, there would be no delays in its launch.

And in Spain and other markets?

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is delayed, at least in China

In Spain we also have an event this week in which we will have more details of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and so far we have no news of whether it is maintained or if it is postponed for later.

In Europe this model can be booked from April 26, next Friday, going on sale a week later, the May 3.

We have contacted Samsung Spain to know if the national events or the launch of the mobile phone are canceled or postponed although for now they are still standing since we have not heard otherwise.


Samsung has issued a statement informing that also in Spain the events that were going to take place this week are postponed. For now they have not informed that the date of reservation and sale are changed.

Update 2:

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Samsung officially delays until May the launch of the Galaxy Fold in United States. The company is studying the disadvantages of the device based on drawing a new sales strategy.

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