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The Google Pixel 4 filters its first official announcement

Pixel 4 camera

As the launch of a smart phone approaches, leaks do not cease to bring to light all the details of such devices. Something that is happening with the new Google Pixel 4, a smart phone that was already seen in a filtered image with the screen on and Android 10 and that has recently revealed an orange model. Now a new leak has shown the first official announcement of the Google Pixel.

It is not the first video published on the Internet about the future smart phone of the Mountain View company before its announcement, since a few days ago two videos showed the full Google Pixel 4. However, s is the first official video leaked from the device. Since ProAndroid They have shared the first promotional video of the new smartphone, a document that has reached them through Facebook from the hand of one of their readers.

The announcement of the expected Google Pixel 4 reveals some of the features to have the device, in addition to its final design, which confirms the rear camera configuration arranged in square. In addition, the white model that appears in this announcement also reveals that having black side frames, something that had no information so far.

As is the first official announcement of Google Pixel 4

The video also confirms that the Google Pixel 4 count with frames on the screen and that camera night mode It has been improved. During this promotional video you can see how the Mountain View company uses this mode to take pictures of the stars. But that is not all that appears in that video, since they also make an appearance Pixel 4 gesture controls.

The new Google Pixel 4 is expected to reach the market the next month of october, so you have to be attentive to any information about one of the smartphones most expected of the year And, as usual, I'm sure to opt to become the device with the best camera on the market.

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