Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be released ahead of time in some countries

Galaxy Watch Active 2

At the beginning of August the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the new watch of the Korean brand was officially presented. After the good results of this first generation, Samsung has not wanted to waste time and leave us with a model in which a series of improvements in functions have been introduced.

This clock is expected to arrive in the United States and South Korea at the end of September, but it seems that its launch could be advanced. As Samsung could launch it before in both markets. So this Galaxy Watch Active 2 would arrive about three weeks ahead of schedule.

It seems that this watch would be released in Korea earlier this month, on September 6 to be specific. In addition, it is already mentioned in several media that on that same date it would be put on sale in the United States, when the initial plans were to launch the Galaxy Watch Active 2 on September 27, as stated in the presentation.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Despite these rumors, there is no official confirmation by the firm Korean so far. Although there are more and more the media that talk about this possibility of the launch being carried out. While only the United States and South Korea are mentioned in all reports.

The reality is that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 still has no release date in Europe. Nothing was said in his presentation, and almost a month later we still have no details in this regard. Although it should not take too long, if in these weeks it is already launched in the United States and Korea.

Therefore, we expect Samsung to confirm something soonwork when this new smartwatch will arrive from the firm to the market. After the good sales of the first generation there is much interest towards this new watch of the brand. The brand's wearable sales continue to grow and it is already the second one these months, a great result for the company.

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