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The Galaxy A family is enlarged with the new A30 and A50 models

They are at the top of Samsung's mid-range; include 6.4 "Full HD + screens. In the image, the A30

Samsung is still betting on the renewal of its phones in Argentina. Beyond the high range constituted by the Galaxy S10 family, the Galaxy A are willing to offer a series of alternatives for those users who want more than what the Galaxy J series offers, but without the cost of the top of the range.

On this occasion we tested the new A30 and A50, two phones recently arrived in the country and which are interesting alternatives when thinking about renewing the mobile.

Similar but different

The way to interpret the Galaxy A family can be somewhat confusing for users, so it is good to inform yourself before deciding on a model.

Last April, we tested the Galaxy A9 (, a superior phone from every point of view in comparison to these the two proposals that we analyze on this occasion, but which, by name, may seem to be a terminal with fewer benefits.

That said and returning to the new Galaxy A30 and A50, we must say that when removed from the box they do not show great differences from the aesthetic point of view.

Both phones have 6.4 "Super Amoled displays with Full HD + resolution (ie 1080 x 2340 pixels). The displays are Infinity-u, a new nomenclature that Samsung uses to refer to the phones that come with a small notch in U shape (similar to the Moto G7) that wraps the camera for selfies (located in the center).

The differences between both models begin to become noticeable when we turn the smartphones and come into contact with the back of their cases. There, the A50 equips three cameras; a main 25 megapixel (MP) that works in conjunction with another 5 MP sensor, plus another 8 MP wide angle. For its part, the A30 has a 16 MP sensor and a 5 MP sensor. It is important to note that the camera for selfies of the A50 has a 25 MP sensor, while the A30 is left with a 16 MP one.

The three cameras of the Galaxy A50The three cameras of the Galaxy A50

In practice both phones took photos with good levels of colors, contrast and brightness.

In addition to differences in cameras, fingerprint unlock systems are different. While the A30 comes with a sensor at its rear, the A50 places it directly on the screen, something that inherits from the company's top-of-the-range models. However, in the tests carried out, fingerprint recognition worked faster on a Galaxy S10 than on the A50.

But the differences between both models are also observed when we look beyond the covers and screens.


The A50 includes a four-core processor that climbs to 2.2 GHz, brings 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

For its part, the A30 has a dual-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

In the tests, the differences in equipment were clearly noted: the A50 starts and shows the Android 9 four seconds before its younger brother.

Both models have USB-C ports and have fast charging systems.

What to buy?

The new representatives of the Galaxy A family offer different experiences. Undoubtedly, the A50 is a more complete telephone; It has an extra sensor in the main camera, fingerprint sensor on the screen and better hardware features.

The interesting thing is that for these differences (and if you are looking for a phone with better features) you do not have to pay much more. The A50 is priced at $ 28,499, while the A30 is priced at $ 19,799. In conclusion, if you can afford it, for 9,000 pesos more, you can get a more powerful phone with better overall performance compared to your younger brother.


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