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The first real photos of the Sony Xperia 2 are filtered

Sony Xperia 1

The Xperia 1 was officially launched in Europe in the middle of this year, after being presented in February. The new high-end of the Japanese brand, which has opted to change design on their phones. Although this model has been in stores for a short time, its successor has been speculated for months, the Xperia 2, will soon arrive.

It is expected that This Sony Xperia 2 will be presented at the IFA 2019 Within a few days. But we don't have to wait to see the first photos of this new Japanese brand phone. So we can see the design that will leave us in this case.

The 21: 9 screen design we saw in the first generation It will be maintained in this case. The Sony Xperia 2 will keep certain aspects in common with the model we saw in February. It is a change for the brand, so they seek to use this type of design in their new models.

Sony Xperia 2 photos

On one of its sides we can see a button, which would be the fingerprint sensor, in addition to a button with which to activate the device's camera, all in one button in this case. Where we can see certain changes is on the back of the device.

Since in this rear of the Sony Xperia 2 we can see that the cameras are located on one of its sides. The original model placed them in the center, so there is a change in this case. In addition, it is expected that the sensors used in this case are also different. But for now there are no details about them.

The specifications of this Xperia 2 are not known at the moment. There may be leaks before IFA 2019. Although in any case, the wait is very short in this regard. So in a few days we will be able to know this new device from Sony and thus know everything.

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