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The first beta of Android Q finally comes to the Pixel

Not everything is a device in the world of technology
and we know that the software section has that other 50% importance so that
The terminals can take full advantage of all these components. Android is
one of the systems that tends to release a version and without waiting long
so that it reaches the whole world begins with the development of the

It is next on the list and despite not having
a sweet for his name for the moment the first beta is now available for
Google Pixel terminals
in all its versions. We already know how they start
the betas of the system and do not despair since soon surely be released
by Google for other manufacturers.

The arrival of this new version bring with it
a future of news for Android terminals and here we leave you the most

integrated into apps

This function allows us to make settings related to the application
that we are driving at the moment, for example, if we are in the
browser we can access the information of the WiFi or mobile network. And likewise
way if we are viewing multimedia content shortcuts will be included for
Share between applications.

more controlled

Now access to the location by
the applications will be limited by the user deciding if the app can have
always access, only when it is being used or never. This translates so much into
increase of the autonomy of the battery, as well as in a greater security of our

the trend of folding screens

Despite not having such a large catalog
of this type of terminals, Android Q, allows applications to
adapt to the screens of these devices and of course you can manage
the resources to work with multiple applications on different screens.

WiFi Performance

This system ensures the experience of
user who needs to have a good connection implemented high modes
performance and low latency necessary for
Real-time gaming, video calls.

Among other things are improvements in audio cdecs, biometric security, image processing and others. I leave here the complete information. Without further ado, tell us in the comment box that you expect from Android Q and if you install it on some Pixel

How sweet could it be this time? We are reading.

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