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The best processors you can buy now

About to build a new PC or give more power to what you already have? You need to know which of the best processors in the market is right for you.

Do not waste your time because in this list we have the highest quality chips for you. Whatever your budget, let's hope you like some of our recommendations.

The best processor for limited budgets: AMD Ryzen 5 2600

best ryzen260001 768x768 processors

Although AMD's new range of third-generation Ryzen processors is hogging reflectors, among its products for lower budgets you can find some of its best chips from the previous generation. The Ryzen 2600 is possibly the best in that group. It has six cores and 12 wires, and although it does not automatically exceed 4GHz, with some adjustments it is possible to accelerate beyond 4.1GHz with air cooling.

If for your budget you cannot spend more than $ 100 dollars in a processing unit, there are alternatives that are worth considering. AMD's Ryzen 3200G costs more or less that amount and features Vega graphics ideal for some entry-level games. It only has four cores and threads, so its performance is less than 2600, but it is a large affordable chip. Intel offers some alternatives at a similar cost, such as the ninth-generation 9100F, with the same cores and higher speed, but without the graphics.

The best input level processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

The best processors

The Ryzen 3600, successor to our favorite affordable processor, is an amazing achievement from AMD. It boasts the same improvements in Zen 2 architecture as the rest of the Ryzen 3000 range and the same six cores and 12 threads as its more expensive brother, the 3600X. All this for less than $ 200 dollars. Its speed is lower than that of its new generation versions, but AMD's automatic over-acceleration brings it very close to the performance of its older brothers at a very low cost.

It is comparable with the most expensive Intel 9600K in games, and thanks to its 12 threads it is able to achieve higher chip productivity. This processor presents the kind of performance that just a few years ago would have been exclusive to the best. If we consider the affordable upgrade path offered by AM4 motherboards with AMD multi-generation sockets, the 3600 is an excellent starting point for an improved version, no matter what you plan to do with it.

If Intel is yours, the 9400F is a less expensive option, although the 3600 exceeds it in all aspects.

The best processor for enthusiasts: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

best processors amd ryzen 9 3900x review 04281 768x768

If what you have on the radar is just a gaming processor, we will probably recommend the Ryzen 3600, but if you also want to do other types of things on your PC, the 3700X is what you need. With eight cores and 16 threads, it eclipses the Intel competition in multi-threaded tasks, even battling top-level chips like the 9900K.

Although the 3700X does not have so many cores or reach the same speeds of its older brothers of the 3000 series, we can assure you that it is the best multipurpose. And with its eight-core configuration you are more prepared for the future than today's six-core chips.

Some alternatives with similar price are the Intel 8700K and 9700K, although they are more expensive and do not offer much in terms of additional performance. The AMD Ryzen 3800X is a bit faster, but only for a percentage point from time to time and definitely not worth the additional $ 70 dollars.

The best high-end processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

best processors amd ryzen 9 3900x review 04282 768x768

The crown jewel in the AMD Ryzen 3000 series is undoubtedly the 3900X (at least until the 3950X goes on sale in September). With 12 cores, 24 wires and a speed that can reach about 4.6GHz, this is an incredibly powerful processor for its price. As far as games are concerned, only the Intel 9900K can keep up.

It's when you work with Photoshop, transcoding video and editing video that the AMD Ryzen 3900X really looks. With so many threads to work, it leaves kilometers behind the closest competition, for a more than competitive price.

If you only play and do nothing else, the 9900K is still the best chip. But for a performance that encompasses everything, the 3900X is the best processor in the world right now, at this price.

The most powerful processor: Intel Core i9-9980XE

best intel 9th ​​gen core 2 768x768 processors

If the money represents absolutely no problem for you, Intel processors are still taking the gold medal. With a cost close to $ 2,000 dollars, this processor is not for everyone, and definitely does not offer the relationship between performance and cost of other chips on this list. But if you need the most advanced performance in the market for games, professional work and anything else you can think of, the Intel 9980XE is the undisputed champion.

With 18 cores, 36 threads and the ability to accelerate up to 4.5GHz whenever necessary, this processor is a monster. For certain tasks there are chips with more threads, such as the AMD Threadripper 2990XW, which will go ahead, and that processor is certainly a viable alternative with a price not much lower than the 9980XE. But some applications do not fit 32 cores well, so in most cases the 9980XE is the fastest option. It is also much better than the Threadripper for games.

The 9980XE will soon face a difficult competition with a new generation of Intel Cascade Lake X processors, in addition to the Threadripper 300 to take out AMD, but for now the 9980XE remains the best extreme processor you can find in the market.

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