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The best children's movies on Netflix to watch

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Do you have children Do you find it difficult to find movies for the smallest of the house at this time of parties? If so, do not worry because we have made a small selection of some of the best children's movies on Netflix. In addition, it should be stressed that not only children will enjoy these wonderful stories, but also parents and adults will have a good time with our selection.

Set them apart these days, while you take care of lining the pending gifts

NOTE: The titles we have chosen are available in the United States, however, they may not be available in other countries.

best children's movies on Netflix

This animated movie, known in English as Despicable Me 3, It is the third installment of the franchise, which was released in 2017 at the cinema and is currently available on your favorite streaming service.

Now, Gru works capturing villains, but fails and is fired. Shortly after he discovers that he has a brother, Dru, and together they face a villain who pretends to steal a diamond and destroy Hollywood. However, Dru wants to convince Gru to also resume his career as a villain, since his father was too.


best child movies netflix peter rabbit

Peter lives with his family and friends, a group of animals that includes a fox. They will all do theirs on the McGregor farm. But Peter's dispute with Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) will intensify more than ever with Bea's affection, (Rose Byrne), who is an animal lover. Enjoy this animal party where the rebel rabbit tries to take control of the farmer's garden.


Leap (2017)

best kids netflix leap movies

Felicie is an 11-year-old orphaned girl who has a great dream: to go to Paris and be a dancer. Also, his best friend Victor, a very intelligent and creative child, dreams of becoming a famous inventor. In an act of faith, Victor and Flicie leave their orphanage in search of their passions.

But, not everything is so easy. Felicie must pretend to be the son of a wealthy family to be able to enter the prestigious and competitive Pear Ballet School in Paris. And without a professional dance training, he quickly learns that talent alone is not enough to overcome the ruthless attitudes of his classmates.

Despite that, Felicie remains determined to succeed in her great passion and fortunately to achieve this she finds a mentor in the difficult and mysterious school called Odette, who along with Victor's friendship, will be able to achieve her most desired dream.


The Princess Switch (2018)

best princess movies netflix change princess

It is worth noting that this film has recently been released, also known as Princess Change on Netflix. The Princess Switch It shows a Chicago baker and a future princess who realize that they look like twins because of their great physical resemblance and that is why they plot a plan to impersonate each other during the Christmas holidays. The entanglement that develops after this decision is funny, interesting and very learning.

The Princess Switch It is a film directed by Mike Rohl from a screenplay by Robin Bernheim and Megan Metzger. The film stars Vanessa Hudgens and Sam Palladio.



The Emperor’s New Groove avoid the dramatic tone of the 90's Disney movies (Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc.) to move into a mischievous mood and many antics.

Set a long time ago in the Inca empire, the film tells the story of the young emperor Kuzco (David Spade), a callous man who only thinks of his own glory and comes up with a plan to demolish the house of the farmer Pacha (John Goodman) to Build a resort

Kuzco's megalomana overcomes him after firing his conspiring advisor, Yzma (Eartha Kitt). After using a magic potion to turn Kuzco into a flame, Yzma takes control of the empire.

The emperor meets Pacha, who offers help if Kuzco changes his mind about the destruction of Pacha's house. While the two travel together through the jungle, Kuzco gets in touch with his humanity, and the two develop an unstable friendship.

The Emperor’s New Groove is a lovely movie, with bright colors and a carefree mood that can entertain anyone.


COCO (2017)

coconutDisney Pixar

Coco is a 2017 Disney Pixar movie, inspired by the Mexican holiday of Da de Los Muertos.

Miguel is a child who dreams of being a musician, but unfortunately, his family prevents him from developing his skills, because his great-grandfather (who was a musician) abandoned his wife and daughter, many years ago to become famous.

By accident, Miguel enters the Land of the Dead, where he can only leave if a deceased relative grants him his blessing, but his great-great grandmother will only give it to him, if he promises not to be a musician. However, Miguel refuses to give up his dream and that is why he escapes to look for his great-grandfather.

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Animation legend Brad Bird made his directorial debut with The iron giant, an animated movie with a bright script and an unwavering vision.

Set in 1957, the film starts when a large object falls from space and lands in the forest near Rockwell, Maine. A young man named Hogarth Hughes (Eli Marienthal) stumbles upon the object: a giant robot. Later, Hogarth befriends him.

But everything gets darker when a government agent, Kent Mansley (Christopher McDonald), arrives to investigate the mysterious object that has fallen into the forest, believing it may be a Russian superweapon.

Although set in the context of the Fra War, The iron giant It is not a too political film, but it focuses on Hogarth's friendship with the giant and tries to teach him to forge his own identity.


MULAN (1998)

Since its initial launch in 1998, Mulan It has been a film full of feminist dilemmas and controversial stereotypes. However, it remains one of the most beloved in the classic Disney catalog, portraying the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) with a set of memorable songs and a cheerful comrade.

The animation is magnificent and, in addition, the film addresses issues such as honor and duty while offering a suitable story for children of all ages.

Mulan She is not a classic Disney princess, her resounding value is a conscious decision from which we can all learn.


MOANA (2016)

Another entry in the Disney pans of animated films, Moana It is a story of adventure and self-discovery that relies heavily on Polynesian mythology.

The movie follows Moana (Auli’i Cravalho), a young woman who lives on the island of Motonui. Its people have remained isolated on the island since the god Maui (Dwayne Johnson) stole the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, causing the ocean to be filled with monsters.

When a plague kills the plants in Motonui, however, Moana He decides to return the heart to Te Fiti so that the islanders can sail once more. To do this, he must resort to Maui's help, although she finds it difficult. Moana It is an exciting adventure, with memorable characters and a stage that many viewers will find unique.

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* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on December 17, 2018.

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