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The best articulated beds to meet various needs

A bad break makes you feel powerless to face the day and, in the long term, damages your health. If you sleep poorly because you have back pain, suffer from snoring or suffer from insomnia, an articulated bed helps you cope with these problems. They facilitate a more ergonomic posture and stimulate blood circulation, among other benefits. If you are looking for one, here are the best articulated beds you can buy, some even massage and charge your cell phone!

Note: a colchn is, of course, just a colchn. The adjustable part of the bed is a frame specially designed for her. Some adjustable beds are paired with their own mattresses, and some brands make suggestions on what mattresses to buy. If in doubt, the Nectar with Memory Foam Gel is a good choice.


best articulated beds

Yaasa's adjustable bed is one of the best models we've seen. It incorporates a simple frame that can fit inside many traditional bed frames, and includes positioning for your feet and your head as needed. All the operation is done through a simple wireless remote control (with backlight for night use), with controls for raising and lowering both ends of the bed, in addition to a lock function and a “return to the horizontal position ”. There are also USB ports on both sides to easily charge the phone if there is no wall plug nearby. Although we have chosen the double size version to keep costs under control, keep in mind that the version king size It offers independent settings for each side in order to satisfy two different preferences.


best articulated beds

Yaasa's high technology and extra comfort make it a top-notch model, but you may not be interested in spending so much money. Fortunately, the Lucid bed offers some of the same features at a much lower price. It includes the possibility of adjusting the head up to 60 degrees, and the inclination of the feet up to 45 degrees, using a wireless remote control that also includes a flashlight for use in the middle of the night. There is also a USB port on each side of the bed for easy charging. While the double model we chose is particularly affordable, the bed is also available in other sizes, and you can choose to pair it with a new mattress if you prefer.


best articulated beds

If you like comfort, Classic Brands has a tempting option: an upholstered bed with padded backrest at a very affordable price. Despite having fabric-covered sides, there is also room for USB ports in this model. The wireless remote control supports three different programmable height options for the head and knees, although it cannot be customized outside of that. The legs at the base of the bed also have three height options so you can choose your favorite position. There is a double function of head and foot massage, in case you want to help you relax. It offers a large set of features for the cost it has, but keep in mind that this bed takes up a lot of space, even with the smallest sizes. You have the option to buy the mattresses, if you want to do it at the same time.


best articulated beds

This high-end bed specializes in a great experience, including extreme customization: you can raise or lower the head and foot areas of the bed to almost any position you want and store up to four positions in the wireless remote control memory . And if you like massage but prefer it to be a complete experience, you really appreciate the full body massage functions that iDealBed has included in this model: with two different massage speeds and 10 different intensity options, you can configure it as you see fit. ! While most beds offer a 10-year warranty, iDealBed extends it to 20 years for certain problems. However, even at full and double levels, the price of this bed is still quite high.


best articulated beds

You may not worry about the price and want a bed that offers as many technical functions as possible, something that gave your room a little more style. This model offers the possibility of adjusting the head up to 75 degrees and the feet up to 45 degrees, in addition to adjustable legs between 6 and 10 inches, and a four-part massage function to feel more comfortable. But we have seen these features before: this bed becomes interesting because it includes eight different USB ports for charging or powering devices, bluetooth speakers and subwoofers under the bed to listen to some music, and yes, an LED turns on under the bed to illuminate things even when the room is turned off.

It is a bed designed to show off (and also to act as your own night light), but keep in mind that these are also excellent features for those who require frequent periods of bed rest, where boredom can be a problem.


best articulated beds

This adjustable bed has a set of simple features and excellent quality. It is a large model with split adjustable beds that allow you to customize and set two different favorite positions for both the head and the feet. The wireless remote control can also control a dual massage function, which is not as versatile as other proposals, but that allows you to alternate the head and feet as you see fit, moving with three different speed options. We also live the safety function, which can automatically turn off the bed if it detects that children or pets may be in danger from movement. If you are interested in long-term durability and quality, look at this bed!

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