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the app 'Your phone' let us make and receive calls

A year ago Microsoft presented the application 'Your phone' for Windows 10 as a solution for pass photos from your mobile to the desktop easily, since then this small app has been receiving multiple updates and improvements that continue consistently.

Recently they added the option to see Android notifications, as well as for a long time they allow us to manage our SMS. Now we know that The next big news of 'Your Phone' is to make phone calls.

The function was found in one of the Insider versions of Windows 10 by Twitter user Ajith, known for his leaks on the Microsoft system. Ajith confirm that the new feature is functional and allows make and receive your mobile calls from your computer.

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Function to make and receive calls next to contacts search

Calls Your Phone Windows 10 Support for calls from the 'Your Phone' application in Windows 10

The option will be available from the configuration of the application, and how we can see in the screenshot, just below another option that users also have been waiting for some time: the display of your mobile screen in Windows 10.

Your Phone Call Support 2

The exact version number of the Windows 10 build in which the function was found is v1.19082.1006.0. At the moment Microsoft has not offered any official information about the new function, and it is difficult to know when it is available in the stable branch.

Features like Android notifications currently only work on the Insider branch of Windows 10, and the display of the screen only with some models of Samsung phones. The rest of the users have to settle for only the photos and the SMS, at least for now.

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