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Thanks to Rivsoft you can play the original Devil on your mobile

Days like today are appreciated because someone has put the batteries to bring us the same original Devil to our Android mobile. And we ask ourselves the real reason why there is no port such as this for our phones.

How difficult is it to give a gift to the faithful to the saga and bring it as Bethesda has done with Doom and Doom 2? From the web that we are going to teach you, you will be able to play the original Devil with a perfect tactile experience to enjoy all the essence of one of the best ARPG of all time. Go for it.

The original version of Diablo

We talked about how you can play the same Devil on your mobile through a web link that will allow you to download the “share” version, which It is logically limited although you can enter dungeons, kill nonstop, level up and even meet the most mythical characters in this series, and one that having the original game file DIABDAT.MPQ you can launch it with all the content and without limits.

Devil mobile

That is, we are not encouraging you to play a pirate copy, but to the shareware version of Rivsoft which is limited by just playing the warrior class, access to the dungeon is limited, and there is a good group of characters with whom you cannot engage in conversation or access their missions.


Rivsoft has made it clear that this shareware version it comes with the original bugs, so it even makes it a slightly special version and that any fan of the series will want to play it for several reasons that only they understand.

How to play the original Devil on your Android

The touch controls work perfectly and it is true that in a matter of minutes it totally immerses you in Diablo without hardly perceiving differences. If you play at a good resolution you will be able to freak it out a little, and if you have the original Devil much better. You can find the original for about 9 euros.

Original Devil

You have the option to activate several keys and the mouse and it is managed by pressing on the screen imitating those clicks that we gave in Diablo. You have to collect the gold yourself, attack the mobs Get them out and use the map to explore the dungeons. The truth is that it is a luxury to enjoy Diablo on our mobile. What we would give for a version of this website for our mobiles for a similar price … (grrr).

Go for it:

  • We go to this website: d07riv
  • We can select the original file that we have in our mobile so that it loads the complete game from "Select MPQ".
  • Or we simply click on Play Shareware and it will start loading the game so that it goes to full screen to our surprise. We put it in landscape and we will have it ready.

We will see how load the Diablo screen, we will arrive at the welcome and we can choose a player's game. We will appear in the town and we can begin our journey. You will be able to level up if you enter any of the dungeons, although we do not advise you to level down in them, since you will leave the game.

Where are you Blizzard?

Welcome screen

A reality of Diablo before our eyes to enjoy one of the legends of video games. And we ask again where are the desire to bring a similar game, How much does it cost?

We are many players who seek to retain these experiences on our phones and who turn a thousand of the RPGs launched to the Play Store in recent years. Many are mere spiritless copies of the Devils and more, so it would be appreciated that Blizzard, instead of looking for other options, will cure it and will bring a real Devil, not that Immortal Devil that will detract from one of the most classic sagas.

Don't waste your time and try the original Devil on your Android mobile before you want to play more to the Devil with that which would be about to fall and that goes directly to the freemium.

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