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Synchronize notifications between your devices with Mirrordrin (Beta)

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<p>If you are one of those who have and <strong>you use several Android smartphones or tablets at the same time</strong>Surely you have found the inconvenience of having to <strong>synchronize all notifications between them</strong>.</p>
<p>In my particular case I have two smartphones and two tablets and sometimes it becomes a <strong>Authentic madness the volume of notifications that reach each of them</strong>: Text messages, Twitter messages, Facebook messages and other alerts do not disappear from one device to another even if they have been removed from one of them.</p>
<p><strong>What could we do?</strong> Well, one of the options is to use a <em>app</em> like the one we propose today. <strong>Mirrordrin tries to solve that problem by synchronizing all notifications</strong>, including the new status at any time or notifications removed, across all your Android devices.</p>
<p><strong>But beware!</strong> It is a <strong>Early beta version and not compatible with all applications yet</strong>, but it already points ways and can be a good solution to this problem.</p>
<h2>Download and install Mirrordrin</h2>
<p>If you do not have the application on your Android device, the first thing is to get it. You must go to Google Play, type its name in the search engine and download it to enjoy it. <strong>Is a <em>app</em> totally new, and just received a new review today</strong>. It occupies only 1.17 MB and the only requirement is <strong>have Android 5.0</strong> or a higher version.</p>
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How to use Mirrordrin?

As we have commented Mirrordrin is an application capable of synchronizing notifications between your devices.

When doing click on a notification Mirrordrin is going to discard all your devices. The specific support is for the moment in applications as everyday and popular as WhatsApp, Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Its use is very simple, since once you open Mirrordrin just you must mark on the applications that you want synchronization to begin to apply.

mirrordrin options

It is still a version with room for improvement, but Its concept seems interesting and will avoid having to be removing and updating your notifications for each of your devices. We will wait for a definitive version to have a clearer impression of whether it is really worth it. It is a good way to save time and not being aware of what goes into each of the terminals.

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You think it can be useful app as the proposal? How many devices do you have and how do you carry out synchronization between them?

Mirrordrin (Beta) | Google Play | Chrome extension

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