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Streaming movies are still eligible for the Oscars

Where to see the Oscar nominated films 2019The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has approved the rules for the Oscars of next year and, despite the complaints of some filmmakers to exclude from the awards the films that are released in streaming services, the Academy has confirmed that those films They will continue to be admitted to compete for the most prestigious awards in the film industry in 2020.

"We support the theatrical experience as an integral part of the art of films, and this had great weight in our discussions," said John Bailey, president of the Academy, in a press release. "We plan to study further the profound changes that are occurring in our industry, and continue discussions with our members on these issues."

The films must be exhibited for seven days in a commercial theater in Los Angeles County to qualify for consideration of the Academy Awards, and at least three screenings must be available to the public through admission paid every day. That rule allows Netflix and other streaming services to reserve limited presentations for their Oscar-seeking films, while at the same time making them available online to reach a much wider audience.

Several directors of traditional cinema, including Steven Spielberg, had previously said that, although movies designed to be seen on televisions and mobile devices could be of high quality, they should be considered as productions made for television, not movies. Spielberg's comments led to speculation that the famous director could attend the meeting of the leaders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to present his case in person.

However, Spielberg, who is busy filming a remake of West side storyHe did not attend the meeting and retracted his initial statements, telling the New York Times that he wants "people to find their entertainment in any way or way that suits them." His main concern, he said, is "the survival of movie theaters," and that he wanted the theater experience to remain relevant in our culture.

The debate about the position reached by the broadcasting services at the Academy Awards began a few weeks after the film Roma, directed by Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarn and distributed by Netflix, competed for 10 Oscar awards at the 2019 ceremony , finally winning three awards: Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Foreign Language Film.

Ironically, at least one of the changes in the rules of the Oscars would have affected Rome if it had been launched in 2020: the Academy has decided to change the name of the Best Foreign Language Film category, and make it the Best International Film . Other changes include more Oscar nominees in the makeup and hairdressing areas, and more flexible nomination requirements for the Best Short Film and Best Animated Film categories.

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